Unique Thrift Store Treasures to Accessorize Your Home

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Some of you that have been around a while know I have a slight addiction to thrift store shopping.  As of lately, I've been trying to work on this and NOT tempt myself with the treasure hunt only because I do not need any more "things".  But just the other day, I found myself pulled into my favorite thrift store and found a few fun treasures.

I'll admit, I'm not positive what this is, but I'm hoping it's a teapot. (at least that is what I'm calling it) :-) I absolutely love anything with a rustic pottery look that has a great patina.

I have collected so many things like this that my china hutch is FULL of unique thrift store finds.

This is just one section of my hutch......everything you see there was from a thrift store for pennies!  The teapot cost me $1.00

I'm also a fan of anything carved out of dark wood.  This bowl was full of wooden fruit that I added to a different wicker bowl......being that the fruit was the exact same color as the bowl did nothing for me so I emptied it out and collected some pine cones from my back yard.  

The pine cones had a bit of aged white on them that made it pop from the brown of the wood.  I'm not sure if I'll leave it in the center of my table but for now I really like it.  Being that the bowl is so low and not distracting, we could even leave it on the table while we eat. 

This piece was a whopping $2.50  :-)

When I first saw this next item I thought it was very unique, maybe a pumpkin or some sort of flower bowl.  It was made of cast iron so it was VERY heavy and felt like great quality.  My thought was I could use it for a quaint chocolate dish if I ever had company over.  

As I purchased this beautiful white "thing" the lady said, "oh that is a very pretty garlic roaster shaped as a garlic."  WHAAAT?  A garlic roaster?  I wanted to put chocolate in it!  How can I put chocolate in a garlic dish? (so funny!) I mean chocolate covered ginger is one yummy thing, but I just don't think any chocolate fan would go for dishing out chocolate out of a garlic roaster (OK, we know that's not true.....any chocoholic would probably not care WHERE the chocolate came from!) 

I was a bit bummed (as I have no intentions of roasting my own garlic) but the fact that it cost me $1.50 I was alright.  (and it still might become a chocolate dish.) :-)  

It's just fun to keep your eye out for unique treasures that don't cost a lot.  Maybe I just need to go into business shopping for OTHERS so they can fill their own hutches for under 10 bucks :-)

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