Easy Do It Yourself Frosted Birthday Cake Ideas

Happy Friday!

This post is for all my wonderful frugal baking moms (or dads) that dislikes spending lots of money on  birthday cakes from the store. :-)  This is an EASY, non fondant birthday cake idea.

 PRESENT and BOW cake!

My youngest daughter's birthday was yesterday. :-) 
She had a blast jumping for HOURS at a bounce house with her friends. 

 Last year, I was caught off guard by how fast her birthday came up that I didn't bake her a cake but spent nearly $40.00 on a dumb :-)  unicorn cake from the store.  I told myself I was NEVER going to buy a store bought cake again.   

 Last years expensive store bought cake. /-:

I am happy to say, that I like this cake a lot better AND it cost me under 10 bucks!

The funny thing is, I let my daughter look on Pinterest with me in attempt to find the perfect birthday cake idea.  When we came to this one, I said, "HEY, what do you think of this?!?"

Yes, it's a cake I made for one of my other kids that came up on Pinterest :-) I'll admit, I did talk it up a bit and convinced her it outdid all the crazy hard fondant cakes that were also showing up!  I made a partial fondant cake for her FIRST birthday and that was the LAST time - hahahaha!

So my friends, 

1.) Bake your standard cake in a 9x 13 pan and after you frost it 

2.) add Fruit by the Foot fruit leather as the bow.  

3.) Pick whatever fun round candies you want as the polka dots.  

I have used Spree candy, M&M's and Smarties.  I added a few gummy butterflies to make this girly girl daughter extra happy.

By the way, you can easily turn this into a BOY CAKE by using blue frosting and brown/orange M&M's.

At the end I let her finish off the decorating with mini M&M's. :-)

She LOVED the cake, and I LOVED that it only took me a LITTLE bit of time and a LOT less money!

You can check out my other post on Easy Birthday and Cupcake ideas or my post on fun kid birthday games.

ENJOY my friends!! 

As always, I hope to stir your Creative Juices and if possible, do that frugally! 


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