Fess Up Friday - What's Really Been Going On in MY Life

I haven't written a Fess Up Friday post on my blog for a very long time....... I believe it is very long overdue. :-)

For those that are new to my blog, please do not let this scare you away - hee,hee  I promise to be back to my regular design posts soon. :-)

I'll start off with a quote of the day from my youngest daughter, and yes, she wears those classy pink goggles for many daily activities.

“Sometimes I think with my head, and sometimes with my feet.

Good things are in my head and bad things are in my feet......

I try to think from my head.”  :-)


Before I start all my fess ups - I need to remind you that I live in a town where people find it normal to put large concrete Godzilla apes in their front yard as decorations.  I am sure they paid plenty, and yes, I do believe they put an eye patch and hula bracelet on him in that picture.

So.....when I post this next shot, just know, it's also "normal" that I would let my kids watch a movie with 3D glasses at Costco while I shopped.

Yep, they were still there when I was done shopping (Shall I also fess up that I ate my entire lunch with their free samples?  Sure did.)

My other fess up is that our dog shaver broke after I had shaved exactly half of him.  I sent the shaver back to the company and with a very kind ending:

 "PS,  please send this back ASAP as my dog will remain half shaved until it arrives" . :-)
About 3 weeks later the other half of him was shaved!

I had to laugh though as the leftover hair that I bagged up looks like a whole other puppy :-)

Onward and Upward!

I will admit that I have cooking issues.....the smoke alarm goes off quite regularly (although this is getting better lately) but somehow I created a FLASH GREASE FIRE trying to whip up some delicious chicken.  I just STARED at the fire thinking SHOOT....... this is BAD!....while my husband went into ninja action and threw a lid over the fire to stop the flames.  The flames completely melted our rather new microwave.  Luckily, my husband said I've done a lot worse things and wasn't that upset  (ha, not sure if that is good or bad!)

Just the other morning I was making my AMAZING AeroPress Coffee and as I was pouring in my cream I began to wonder why in the world it wasn't turning a delicious caramel color......that's when I realized something was seriously wrong and slowly looked at the carton only to realize I was pouring in liquid egg whites - YEP, it was early.

Egg White Creamer Anyone?

But here is where the REAL fess up comes in......I totally drank it anyway and it wasn't all that bad.  Ya, I took out the little bit of scrambled egg forming on the top but I actually thought, WOW, I could get added protein in my coffee this way!  :-)

Do you guys still like me or have you hit "unsubscribe"  :-)

I will also admit that when I dropped my phone and it shattered, I  casually mentioned to my husband that it cracked just a little bit and continued CAREFULLY using it.  It wasn't until he got a glimpse of what I had done that he just looked at me and said "That is NOT just a tiny crack!"

Ya, I guess it was a little more than a tiny crack - Sigh...I guess half truths just don't work well on spouses!? :-)

I am not sure I even want to mention that I dented my car  by bumping into a small tree OR that I dented HIS truck by backing into a large rock.  I seriously feel I should not EVER have nice things.....but for some reason my husband still went out and bought me a new car.  (I really did NOT deserve it!)

I know, SHOCKING that all this mayhem can come from someone who looks so "irreproachable" :-)......ummmmmm ya, reality check, I'm a mess!

Unfortunately, I could continue with MORE fess ups but after re-reading what I just wrote, I think it's enough LIGHT to shed onto my lovely readers about the REAL me  :-)
I just like to smile and laugh at myself and remember.........

“Sometimes I think with my head, and sometimes with my feet.

Good things are in my head and bad things are in my feet......

I try to think from my head.”  :-)

 I am pretty sure my daughter was thinking with her FOOT in this picture - hee,hee!

 Have a GREAT week my friends and just remember, when you think you are the only one losing your mind, it's not true.....I'm right here losing my mind with you!  Ha!!

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  1. Hahahaha - thanks for starting off my Saturday with a good laugh. I never knew a microwave could melt. I don't drink coffee, but I burst out laughing at the "creamer/egg whites". Bless your heart.


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