Pickleball or Hopscotch?

Well my friends, we have run into a bunch of problems with the sports court.  

I've decided I just want to have a hopscotch for my entry instead.  (hee,hee)


First off, the company we ordered from (Flex Court - NOT impressed with them) took 12 weeks to even deliver the court.  This was 4+ weeks longer than quoted.  Secondly, they told us that the court would work over a mixture of compacted gravel (6" sub grade with 3/4 minus to be exact) that was not true and third, after all that, they sent us the wrong rebounder net. /-:

So, if any of you out there reading this post thinking about installing a court using the sports tiles, especially when it's for pickleball, you HAVE to put the tiles over a concrete slab, believe me.....it's not going to work (bounce right) any other way. :-)

Anyways, we are now WAY behind scheule because we have to wait to get a concrete slab put in.  (Ummmm, concrete is SO stinkin expensive!) 

Some day, I will show you a beautiful sports court but it might be a while. Such is life! :-)

I did find a great place to put our new hammock though, but it involved a plane ticket and the concrete pad just ate up that money so, never-mind. (yes, I am laughing) :-) :-)

Maybe it will make it easier on my husband if I custom design this sand station for him to work in.  That way he can just pretend he's somewhere tropical while saving up for the concrete :-) :-)

Can't you just feel it all squishy between your toes? Almost like Hawaii :-)

I DO realize this post is ALL over the place but I know you guys still like me. (hopefully - hee,hee)

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!  

My eldest daughter and her cousin. 

My youngest! The "awe" of the glowing sparkler!

*EDIT:  You can go over to the Completed Pickleball Sports Court post to see it all complete, landscape and all :-)creativejuicesdecor

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