Fess Up Friday - Flower Pot Failure

Hi Friends :-)

I have a little fess up.   This year has NOT been my pretty plant year.
When at the END of the season, when your pots should be overflowing with beauty and your flower pot looks like this......

you know somewhere along the line you messed up, especially when your husband asks you, "Why is it this year we have a bucket of weeds for our hanging flower baskets?"  

 Seriously, I looked at him all hurt and then burst out laughing!  He was so right!!  I still don't know why the one of the left looks like it has GRASS growing out of it!


I will admit, I know the problem :-)  I was too cheap.....I just have to find a happy medium between HUGELY expensive and DIRT cheap!  Although last year's flowers were a gift to us I happen to know they paid 70.00 a PIECE for them.  My flowers were only $5.99 (and they showed every lovely 599 pennies worth.)

This was LAST years flower pots!

Just a tiny bit different :-)

And here's a look at THIS year's window boxes:

UGHHH - what happened!!!  I think I chose a shade plant and realized later that that space does NOT get a lot of shade.  The pink geraniums just didn't perform like they had in the past - but I am not going to blame that on me, I'm going to blame it on the fairies that were supposed to encourage them to grow. (-:

This was LAST YEARS window pots:

Such beauty :-)

OH well :-) I have a lifetime of summers to try again :-)  My husband is probably hoping I contact a garden hire to help me out but I'm determined to get on Pinterest and learn in FIVE FREAKIN EASY STEPS how to create the most beautiful flowers ever :-)   SMILES my friends!


ENJOY the rest of the week!

Stop to smell the ROSES and pay the flower fairies to sing - it's worth it :-)

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  1. I did NOT get the cheapest flowers but mine look just as bad. Hmmm, maybe I've been spending too much time climbing mountains instead of tending the garden!. I think cheap flowers can be just as beautiful with a little TLC and fertilizer :)

    1. Ferti - what? hee,hee.....ya, my MIL asked me, well how often did you fertilize? Let's just say, next year I'll be all ready to do it right! :-) (even with flowers less than 70.00)


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