Fishing and Camping Trips This Summer

I can't believe summer is winding down!  (uggh - that makes me sad!)

Sometimes we plan "big" summer trips but most of the time we just pick fun spots to go camping.  

So, here is a re-cap of some of the fun things we did!

HAHAHA!  Yes, I do like sushi but no, I wasn't trying to eat that fish raw.

This summer we fished a LOT! Although my husband doesn't fish much, my brother is a fish biologist and joined us on one of the trips. He taught me and my son how to tie a true fisherman's knot and get our poles all set up.  

And then my awesome brother went on to teach my daughter how to clean the fish!  

And I just sat in the hammock and relaxed - hee,hee.  OK until it was time to cook them. :-)

This was the boating/beach area of one of the places we stayed - it was so beautiful!

We had a blast renting paddle boards one day.  Just to let you know, you do NOT stand on it like a wakeboard, snowboard or skateboard - hahaha - you will fall head first.  Yes, I learned the hard way, just stand on it straight on, foot on each side.  ;-)

On any GREAT camping trip you have to have a good fish story - right?  

So here is mine :-)

I thought I was super cool because I caught this huge fish right in front of these guys that had been fishing all day and caught nothing.  

My fish biologist brother had already left the trip so I texted him telling him about my great catch (I'm in blue)


My "awesome" catch was a stinky uneatable SQUAWFISH! All my coolness immediately left - hahahahaha!  

All to say, we had a GREAT time and we were all EXHAUSTED at the end. 

I hope all of your summer trips have been relaxing and special.
Till next week my friends!

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