Top FIVE Fun Tree House Designs and Garden Spaces

Hi Friends :-)

Lately, I've been having fun on Pinterest looking at cute little homes - like itsy bitsy mini homes.  

OK, I've been fascinated with tree houses lately.  :-)

I want to be like the Swiss Family Robinson and climb up a tree to sleep so I can feel safe from all the wild roaming deer in my yard. :-)

We actually have three baby fawns that roam our backyard regularly!

 Isn't this perfect?! Tell me you want a tree house of your own now!  Ha! I call this The Hobbit inspired style. :-)  

If you are a bit more traditional, this Arts and Craft style tree house would be the one for you. :-)  I love the curved iron railing - a perfect balcony to be on the look out for wild animals. :-)

This one would be delightful - it has the feel of a Rustic Scandinavian home design.  I love the hanging pendant lights over the table.  The hammock adds a great touch too.  I'm glad they put the hammock on ground level.  I'm not sure how relaxed I'd feel swinging 30' off the ground especially if someone wanted to jump on it with me.  ;-)  "NO, you can NOT join me on the hammock!"

For those fitness fanatics determined to get in their daily cardio, this might be the one you choose. HA!  Can you imagine bringing the groceries up and down that winding staircase?!  To hear the words  "Hey honey, I just need ONE more thing" might take on a whole new emotion. :-)

This next tree house if for the "lucky guy" that keeps having to run up and down those stairs for his wife - hahahah!  One day he just won't come back and she'll find him at THIS tree house. ;-)

It's a tree house BREWERY!  Really, it's the Treehouse Brewing Company. :-)  

I pinned this to my "Makes me Laugh" Pinterest Board - I've pinned a few hilarious things lately.  When you need to just escape life for about 2 minutes head over there  - I promise you'll smile just a little bit.  ;-)

 If you are afraid of heights and you would prefer a cozy outdoor garden space on the GROUND I thought this one was awesome.  As I clicked the source link to this picture, The Hobbit soundtrack began to play, and then soothing New Age music was next - It just made me smile  :-) Maybe if I show up there I can get a free massage :-)  haha!

Maybe you can start thinking up your own tree house design. (-:Have a GREAT weekend my friends! 
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