Vintage Industrial Chic Home Design - Inspirations!

Hi Friends :-)

I thought I would start out this week with some lovely eye candy from a recently introduced website by the name of Uniche.  OH WOW! :-)  

industrial chic vintage trolley sofa on wheels
Uniche's Factory Day Bed

They focus on Industrial Chic or sometimes referred to as Vintage Industrial home furnishings.  I know that style isn't for everyone BUT I find it one of the most fascinating and exciting styles out there!  Those that follow my blog know I chose a Rustic Tuscan theme for my home.  All to say though, I would hope that well rounded interior designers could respect any decorating style.  I love ALL styles, yep, there really isn't a decorating style that I can't find some beauty in.  

Industrial Clothes Rack

How fun is this 1940's trolley inspired clothes rack! Can you picture it in your bedroom displaying your favorite outfits?  You could also put something like this in your hallway for shoes and to hang your coats - a very unique "hall tree" :-)  

This crank table just makes me smile - so full of character!  Oh and the chair is pretty cool too.

Large adjustable crank table

I have an uber creative friend locally that I always run into at my favorite thrift store grabbing old ugly wing back chairs. :-)  She takes them and along with any vintage fabric she finds, creates these gorgeous "newly" upholstered patchwork chairs.  She sells them in very high end furniture boutiques.  

Here is Uniche's patchwork wing back chair. Yes, I know it's not for everyone, but you can't tell me that chair wouldn't bring a little bit of sunshine and a smile on your face in the right home.  :-)

Patchwork Wingback Chair

I could go on and on with the fun industrial items from this website but I'll let you go check it out yourself.....well, after I show you one more thing - hee,hee.

Uniche's first question on the description of this dining room table is "How brave are you?"  :-)  

It's made from sheet steel with an aged paint job.  Your kids can NOT ruin this table - ha!  The more tonka trucks and pounding toys on this table the better. :-)

Like I mentioned earlier, I know each of you will either love this style or just shake your head.  My 7 year old daughter just came up and said "That's BEAUTIFUL!" and then my 11 year old son just shook his head and said, uh,uh.....that's just weird. 

What do you think of this style?  Are you brave enough?  :-)

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