Home Decor in Warm Autumn Colors!

Hi Friends :-)  Happy Halloween!

Doesn't that just make you smile :-)


One thing I LOVE about Fall is all the WARM autumn colors that pop up out of no where in nature.  I personally tend to decorate around warm Autumn colors......colors that make you feel cozy and ready to cuddle up by the fire. :-)  Add a cute fluffy dog and your set - haha!

This Autumn living room setting is wonderful.  I SOOOO need a glass of wine and a good book, and then I plan to snuggle in the chair below and listen to peaceful music :-)  Agreed? ;-)

Golden Boys and Me

I love the subtle orange pumpkins and leaves that were added to this living room.  Perfect Fall accents!

Stone Gable Blog

In my own home, I have a basement wall that was inspired by Fall.....I envisioned a brick wall with pale orange leaves covering it.  I used American Clay to create the look.

 Upclose of the impressionistic leaf pattern on the wall.

I applied a very similar look of American Clay on one of my clients homes - they love it too!

Here are some WONDERFUL and very inspiration home decors that decorated with warm fall colors and a cozy atmosphere!

Notice the natural elements like the distressed wood and displayed fall leaves.  The splashes of orange burlap pillows are perfect.  I'm just going to ignore the hanging spider art - hee,hee.  That did nothing for me! (except make me want to RUN away!)

This kitchen showcases nice warm wood and a pleasant fall vignette with leaves put in vases.  

Parish Shoppe

The pop of yellow ocher warms this space right up. 

Isn't this entry way so inviting!  Her whole home was GORGEOUS!  Take a look at her blog for lots of inspiration :-)

Stone Gable Blog

These next two pictures speak for themselves - classic fall color scheme!

I love the BOLD move of the orange sofa :-)  It works so well with the green walls and neutral floor.  

Do you like the warm color schemes or prefer the cooler tones? 

I always find it fascinating how color can have such an effect on how it makes you feel in a home!

Fess Up Friday - My Jogging Route

Hey Friends!

If you haven't noticed by now, I try to find the humor in just about ANYTHING! :-)


Well because we all go through really hard things in life and we have to make a conscious choice to be happy :-).....AND...... I like to laugh...yes, for those that know me, they are probably giggling right now about me saying that. ;-)

I will admit though, it's just a little sad when I can turn my daily jog into a fess up post. /-:
(What is wrong with me!?)  hee,hee

On my route yesterday I saw this newly planted tree.

YES, that "tree" looks as if it is secured by bike lock cables!

  Well my friends, it's about 24" tall.  This totally cracks me up.  IT'S - A -TWIG! And the landscaper put up their sign right next to it!

HAHAHAH!!  I love the: "Landscaping with TLC"  YES, MY FRIENDS, you will definitely need to provide plenty of TLC to any plant that they are planting for you or YOUR TWIGS WILL DIE.  (insert evil laugh)  I need at least a 12 footer for success.....just sayin.

With this next picture, I will admit I have jogged by it MANY weeks in a row before I stopped and took a picture.  Of course the ONE day I decide to take a picture the person's car was in the driveway and the garage door wide open.  You just KNOW if they caught me they'd be thinking "Oh, isn't she the nice neighbor, highlighting my stupidity"  (hee,hee)  No, it's just so funny, something I am SURE I would do.

All garden hoses should come with a WARNING: "Leaving garden hose out on an extremely hot day WILL kill your grass for a very long time".  Personally, I like it, it makes me smile.   I'm going to set up MY hose to spell my name all SWIRLY.

Sometime on my jog I take this sweet fella, but he's been having a few problems of his own......we'll leave it at that. He had to wear the "cone of shame" for a MONTH because he is as compulsive obsessive as myself and couldn't stop licking his owie!  And for those wondering, my OCD disorder is not licking any part of my body (Phew, just needed to clarify that!)  My obsessiveness is more like having to write a blog post the DAY (or day after) I take a picture, like writing this post now.....I guess it's a good problem to have.......sometimes :-)

All to say, I do enjoy finding humor in everyday occurrences......even jogging in my neighborhood on a beautiful Fall day. :-) :-)  They say, laughter is the best medicine.

Enjoy your WEEKEND my friends and don't forget to LAUGH!!

If you need more help in the laughter department, I just ran across this old Fess Up post that had me laughing so hard - ah, when my daughter is older she'll never forgive me - haha!

Simple and Easy Ideas on How to Decorate Your Pumpkins

Hey Friends :-)

I just had to share a few fun pumpkin ideas before October is behind us.  (It's really going FAST for me!)  

What a cozy fall look - I need to buy some mums and WHITE pumpkins for my porch! (ok, next year that is - ha!)

This is a GREAT (and easy) way to decorate your front porch pumpkins!  Just take strips of plaid fabric and wrap it around your pumpkins.  Add large wooden buttons to the middle and secure them with straight pins.  I love the large overflowing planters with mums - it just completes the look :-)

LOVE the buttons on the pumpkins!!

Pumpkin button art on burlap is a lot of fun.  You can see a button tutorial on my blog if you want more specifics.

Auntie lolo crafts

How about Candy Corn button art!
Repeat Crafter Me

And leave it to Martha.....a creepy pumpkin mice hotel :-)

Martha Stewart Living

I thought these GOURD DUCKS were fabulous!  She just used coat hanger wire to make little feet for the guys.  Could you see these all lined up on your front porch steps?  They totally make me smile :-)

Oh So Shabby

How easy would it be to decorate your pumpkins with upholstery tacks!  I love that idea! You can get upholstery tacks off eBay or even at your local fabric store.  

There you have it!  Just some fun Fall inspirations!

Do you decorate your front porch for Fall every year? What do you like to put on it?  

I stay pretty simple only because I'm a bit lazy and have to save my energy for Christmas - haha!

I do have a pretty cute dog though ;-)


Pergola Vine Ideas - Glamorizing Once Again

Hey Friends :-)

I thought I would try to squeeze in one last landscape project before I wake up to SNOW on the ground.  I LOVE looking at snow. (Notice I said LOOKING :-)  If there is snow on the ground, there should be a mom rule where I am able to stay home cuddled up in a blanket on the sofa with the fire going while I sip my coffee and read a good book.  (And I'd love to be a millionaire and sit on tropical beaches the rest of my life too.)  Hee, hee......as in sadly, NOT going to happen.  OH WELL.  Yes, snow will be on the ground any day now and I am going to have to drive in it and delight myself in the fact that I may never feel warm again - hahaha! 

Anyway :-)  Back to the pergola vines!  I hit the 50% off Fall sale at a local nursery and looked at a variety of vines.  As much as I would love something as romantic as Wisteria, they don't grow very well here due to how cold it is.  (and I've been told the flowering season is incredibly short.) I also knew I needed something HEARTY and fast growing. (I'm not that patient!) If it could bear fruit and have smelly flowers I would be jumping up and down in excitement.  


I found this - a Hardy Kiwi Vine! :-)

Honestly, I have NO idea what I'm doing but it said it was FAST growing, hearty, great for our zone, bears FRUIT and had smelly white flowers.  :-)

SOLD!! (at 50% off!)

So, to start off my project I had to figure out how to get the vines growing right up against my pergola.  We have pavers so I assumed I'd just grab a kitchen gadget and remove a few tiles.  (I'm laughing.......you KNOW you have done this yourself - right? Or am I the only one that uses kitchen gadgets for heavy duty landscaping? ;-)

All to say, RUINED the BBQ fork utensil.....I looked around in our shop and found a pickaxe....although still probably not the right tool,  it worked a bit better :-)

Of course, I didn't like the way it looked by simply removing the pavers so I had holes cut in a planter I had laying around.

My theory is that the vine roots will find their way to the bottom and then into the ground.  :-)

Of course I used our swivel top kitchen barstool as my ladder to tie up the vines - hee,hee.  I totally have problems! 

(My daughter is crazy!  Love her.)


(yep, she's still in the picture!)


What do you think??!!  

I have high hopes for these little green things :-)  I will for sure keep you updated and CROSS MY FINGERS this won't end up in a Fess Up post later on - ha!

Actually, talking about FESS UPS :-)  Did anyone notice how my Completed Pickleball Court post at first came out with no completed pickleball court pictures?  /-:

That's because I accidentally pushed the PUBLISH button even before I finished writing the post, let alone even TOOK pictures of the completed sports court.  (My face totally turned bright red as I realized I pressed "publish" instead of "save" :-)  I couldn't change anything and it went out to all 1400 subscribers automatically.  Oh well!  

Here is the sports court completed, landscape and all!  Woo whoo :-)  If you want to go back to the original pickleball post you can see even more added pictures :-)

And one of my favorite features - the hammock :-)

You can see the other "glamorizing" the pergola posts here:

Add patio lighting!  String Patio Lights.

ENJOY the rest of the day my friends!!

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Teachers - Baskets and Flower Vases

Hey Friends!

All of you know I am an avid thrift store (or garage sale) shopper:-)  The biggest reason I am, is because you can find such unique treasures for a FRACTION of the original cost.  For instance, the big iron bird still had the price tag of $32.00 on it and I got both of them for $7.00.  They are even cuter in person :-)

Or how about these adorable PUMPKIN plates :-)  $1.50 for both!

Since school has started recently, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a fun gift idea for teachers.  There are so many great occasions to thank teachers (or friends!) with a gift of appreciation.  In fact, by thrift store shopping, you can do this SO inexpensively, that you may just decide to bless them spur of the moment! (Especially if you have your own fresh flowers to use!!) 

Here is an example of one of my unique thrift store vases with garden flowers.  What teacher wouldn't feel blessed to have that sitting on their desk. :-)

There is a PLETHORA of gorgeous and unique flower vases and cool looking baskets at thrift stores. (I'm not talking about your Dollar Store type vases/baskets here) ;-)  I usually go to our local thrift store on their half off day and I'll pick up a few beautiful things for UNDER $1-$2.00 a piece!  

The Thrifty Crafter and Thrift Dee have had the same idea.

And if you don't like the color of the vases - just paint them!  EASY ;-)

I love the baby blue with pink florals!

You can even paint wine bottles with chalk and write a message on it!  Add a few flowers and what a great DIY gift! 

Or spray paint the vases (or jars) COPPER!

Ashley in DC

I collected ALL of these baskets from a thrift store for around a dollar each....even the wooden apple and the red book were from the thrift store :-)

And here are some of the vases I bought.  I LOVE the teal and brown pottery feel of this unique $1.00 vase.

This was a beautiful pink swirled vase that I knew would look gorgeous with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

One of my favorite ways to fill up the baskets I collect are with: 

(this is evil bread.....WAY better than chocolate even - hahahaha!!)

I usually cover it in saran wrap and put a raffia bow around it.

you could also add my HOMEMADE PEAR BUTTER JAM 

This is made in a crockpot and SUPER easy!

Of course, I'm sure there isn't any teacher (or friend) that wouldn't mind if you made a coffee and chocolate gift basket either. :-)

And around Christmas time, add a few of these amazing cinnamon aroma emitting ornaments!  Even children can make them.  (It is such a fun craft!!) 

Oh, this picture reminds me that you can also fill the basket with fun scented candles (and a chocolate bar - it's important not to forget the chocolate - hee,hee) ;-)

I hope this has given you some fun ideas for an inexpensive, but very thoughtful gift to give to a teacher (or friend!) 

ENJOY and keep your eye out for your next thrift store TREASURE ;-)
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