Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Teachers - Baskets and Flower Vases

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All of you know I am an avid thrift store (or garage sale) shopper:-)  The biggest reason I am, is because you can find such unique treasures for a FRACTION of the original cost.  For instance, the big iron bird still had the price tag of $32.00 on it and I got both of them for $7.00.  They are even cuter in person :-)

Or how about these adorable PUMPKIN plates :-)  $1.50 for both!

Since school has started recently, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a fun gift idea for teachers.  There are so many great occasions to thank teachers (or friends!) with a gift of appreciation.  In fact, by thrift store shopping, you can do this SO inexpensively, that you may just decide to bless them spur of the moment! (Especially if you have your own fresh flowers to use!!) 

Here is an example of one of my unique thrift store vases with garden flowers.  What teacher wouldn't feel blessed to have that sitting on their desk. :-)

There is a PLETHORA of gorgeous and unique flower vases and cool looking baskets at thrift stores. (I'm not talking about your Dollar Store type vases/baskets here) ;-)  I usually go to our local thrift store on their half off day and I'll pick up a few beautiful things for UNDER $1-$2.00 a piece!  

The Thrifty Crafter and Thrift Dee have had the same idea.

And if you don't like the color of the vases - just paint them!  EASY ;-)

I love the baby blue with pink florals!

You can even paint wine bottles with chalk and write a message on it!  Add a few flowers and what a great DIY gift! 

Or spray paint the vases (or jars) COPPER!

Ashley in DC

I collected ALL of these baskets from a thrift store for around a dollar each....even the wooden apple and the red book were from the thrift store :-)

And here are some of the vases I bought.  I LOVE the teal and brown pottery feel of this unique $1.00 vase.

This was a beautiful pink swirled vase that I knew would look gorgeous with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

One of my favorite ways to fill up the baskets I collect are with: 

(this is evil bread.....WAY better than chocolate even - hahahaha!!)

I usually cover it in saran wrap and put a raffia bow around it.

you could also add my HOMEMADE PEAR BUTTER JAM 

This is made in a crockpot and SUPER easy!

Of course, I'm sure there isn't any teacher (or friend) that wouldn't mind if you made a coffee and chocolate gift basket either. :-)

And around Christmas time, add a few of these amazing cinnamon aroma emitting ornaments!  Even children can make them.  (It is such a fun craft!!) 

Oh, this picture reminds me that you can also fill the basket with fun scented candles (and a chocolate bar - it's important not to forget the chocolate - hee,hee) ;-)

I hope this has given you some fun ideas for an inexpensive, but very thoughtful gift to give to a teacher (or friend!) 

ENJOY and keep your eye out for your next thrift store TREASURE ;-)
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  1. Nice ideas on gifting you have shared with us. I think, Flower gifts are most attractive and beautiful to give someone.


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