Top 10 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas!

Are You Ready? :-)

In my home, my kids' "readiness" makes up for any of my lack of readiness - hee,hee!  My husband has a STRICT rule - no Christmas music or Christmas movies till the day after Thanksgiving. I don't think he reads my blog, so I can tell you the kids and I break this rule often, but shhhhhhhhh :-) :-)

Here are the top 10 most beautiful Christmas Tree Themes I found across the internet.  The first one is my friends tree :-)  

#1) Decorate with BIRDS!

If this theme interests you, click over to see the full Christmas bird decor in her beautiful home!

#2) Decorate with a Beach Theme

If you live by the water, this might be a fun idea!  A tree covered in starfish!  I would add some sand dollars too.

#3) Decorate with RIBBONS
I'm still trying to find the tree under all the ribbons but I think it's very pretty!

#4 Decorate with your athletic passion

What do you think of this ice skating theme?  White ice skates and red mitten throughout :-)  No, I am not planning to do a Pickleball Christmas Tree - OK, now I'm cracking up at myself - could you just see white wiffle balls and red paddles lining my tree?  SIGH, I'm too much ;-)

#5) Decorate with a Simple Shabby Chic Theme

I love the simplicity of this tree!  The vintage white bobble ornaments just add the finishing touches to this cozy room.

#6 Decorate with Pinecones!

I love adding natural elements to ANY of my home decor.  This is beautiful :-)

French Country Cottage

#7) Decorate with TWIGS

OK I kindof cheated, this is also decorating with pinecones......they just added even more natural elements to it.  

#8) Decorate with Paper Hangings and Cutouts  

This has a simple country feel.  I love the galvanized bucket used as the tree stand.  

#9 Decorate with Peppermint - ha!  Candycanes and Snow!

This is really something else - VERY fun and pretty.

U create crafts

#10 Decorate with Good Memories :-)

Lastly, doesn't this magical pictures make you want to sip hot cocoa (or an eggnog latte, yes, I love eggnog) while walking through the lights with someone you love - let the snow begin!

So, which one was your favorite?  

Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving my friends!  

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