Fess Up Friday - Holiday Spirit Adventure

Hey Friends!!

Well, I'm not sure it's a great thing I have a Fess Up titled "Holiday Spirit" - ha ha ha! or Ho! Ho! Ho! (that was bad)  :-)  Yes, my youngest is wearing a stocking on her ONE foot and a Santa hat on her head :-)

Let's just start off by saying the entire Thanksgiving week I was sicker than a dog.....I literally just laid in bed for 5 days.  It was awful.

I did have my toes painted in a pink glitter pattern by my 7 year old, and my son brought me ice chips in grape juice every day.  :-)

He also left me a few post it notes and covered me in his favorite blanket.....he might be a mama's boy but I'm just fine with that!

During this time my husband wanted to tackle the Christmas lights.  Every year, this is such a huge ordeal and I think, IS THIS WORTH IT!?

We have the icicle lights and during any kind of wind storm it throws the icicles up over the roofs edge.  Honestly, this doesn't bother me much but it drives my engineering, straight lined husband NUTS!  Last year he tied a fishing weight to the bottom of each strand! (yes, he did) It didn't work so this year he threaded a heavy wire through each strand in addition to the fish weight.  We had our first windstorm the night he completed them.....and nope, still didn't keep the strands "down".  SIGH!

Well this year I think it hit an all time high as we ended up renting a scissor lift!  Doesn't anyone else rent scissor lifts to put up lights?  hahaha!

My husband Matt is very afraid of heights.  He can plummet 300 feet UNDERwater scuba diving with no way to breath except through a tank, but put him 20' in the air and he's a sweaty mess.  It's hard for him to even move!

After many hours, the lights were finished only to have an entire section go out and he had to buy another strand and replace it.  

It's pretty though.....We do it for the kids - right? :-)

TALKING about my kids......

One of them has been very naughty this year :-)

I just noticed my seven year old CARVED our dogs name into our fancy clay walls (and it looks as if she even copyrighted it!  ha)  I couldn't believe she would do that!  I reprimanded her (and then took a picture and smiled -haha)  My eldest was like,"WHAT?  That's it?  She carves designs into your expensive clay wall and you just say, don't do that again!"  Being the eldest, she thinks she got completely ripped off in the "eased up" discipline department.  I think she's right.....I feel a little bad, but too late now. /-:

I am also 99% sure my youngest will be getting a tattoo when she is older. I guess there are worse things she can do.....I just hope she gets over her Pegasus obsession by that time!

At least I'll be able to count on her for paying for the tattoo as she informed me that she would like to be an Ice Organizer for people when she's older.  She started right away with organizing all our outside ice and putting it into baggies for our freezer......GREAT! :-)

I have been getting a lot of yellow post it notes lately......this was on the same day we decorated for Christmas.......just what we needed, to have to buy new glasses for my son because my youngest daughter stepped on them.  (wrong time of the year for extra expenses!)  I like the note though "Sorry Mom, it was an accident"  I wish I could write that note for all the bad things I end up doing!

This next yellow post it note made me laugh so hard!  I had received a bunch of drinks from a health food company in the mail (I have companies that want me to try their products and if I like them, they hope that I will put them on the blog, and sometimes I do)  But this new up and coming product was just AWFUL.  I gave one to my eldest daughter and came home to this note:

"Luv u, but can't finish this, my taste buds died"  HAHAHAHA!  That was awesome.  I guess I won't be able to put that company on my blog.

Lastly, I think it's time we quit letting my youngest sleep on the couch for fun....or at least she needs to graduate to the larger one......OH MY, how did she ever fall asleep!  (For some reason, being able to sleep on the sofa is her most favorite thing to do - I wouldn't let her do it but she has my husband completely wrapped around her finger!)

Happy Holidays my Friends!

Yes, she may be the most like her mother!  

I just remembered I had an American Clay client  that while I was applying the wet clay I wrote "I love Matt" in the top corner of their ceiling - What am I - a teenager!? (This was only a few years ago, their home was huge and the ceilings high.....she will never notice.......hopefully - hee,hee.)  I also (as an adult) touched an original Monet painting at an art museum when the guards weren't looking..... Maybe it's in our blood (the naughty/fun side of us) but to quote the One Republic song "Yeah, with every broken bone I swear I lived." The broken bones aren't fun, but I still hope to always view life as an adventure.  :-)

So, how has YOUR holiday adventures been so far?  
(hopefully no real broken bones! Rent that scissor lift so you don't fall off your roof putting up lights!)


  1. Oh dear - at least she didn't carve naughty words into the clay like some people you might know... ;)

    1. Maybe that was why I wasn't too mad - hahahaha! Duke is a lot better than....ya......you know. ;-)


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