Three Healthy New Breakfast Ideas Using Overnight Oats

Hi Friends!

I'm excited to share with you some of my new favorite breakfast ideas!  I used to just have a cup of coffee in the morning and eat my first meal around 11am.  A little over a year ago I started eating a healthy breakfast (one that includes some carbs/protein and fat) I have been able to lose weight and I believe completely ramped up my metabolism. :-)

There are so many variations on making overnight or refrigerator oats but here are some of my favorites.  For the last 2 months I've pretty much rotated these 3 breakfasts.  Both of the pumpkin recipes freeze great!  Sometimes I'll make a giant batch and put them in individual serving containers.  It's so nice to just pull one out the evening before for when you need a healthy breakfast FAST!

Pumpkin Pie Oats Breakfast

Recipe - Individual Serving:
1/2 cup of raw (uncooked) oats.
3/4 cup egg whites (from a carton)
1/4 cup pure pumpkin puree (from can is fine)
1/2 Tbsp chia seeds
Either 7 drops of liquid Vanilla Stevia or 1/4 tsp White Stevia Powder
Cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice
Stir and let sit overnight or at least an hour in the refrigerator - ENJOY!

Nutritional info: 339 calories / 28g protein / 42 carbs /10 fat and 12 fiber
NOW, before you guys freak out on me (like I did my friend when she first had me eat her chocolate version of this) but egg whites from the carton are pasteurized and totally safe to eat raw. :-)  Believe me, I researched it as I wasn't convinced at first :-) 

I added a blob of plain non fat greek yogurt - mostly just for the picture :-)

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Oats

Recipe - makes 4 one cup servings

2 cups unsweetened almond, coconut or flax milk 
1- 15 oz can pumpkin 
3/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt
1 1/2 cup raw oats
3 scoops of Vanilla Whey Protein  (or Casien) powder (100 grams)
Splash of vanilla
25 drops of liquid Vanilla Stevia or 1-2 tsp White Stevia Powder (or till tastes right for you!)
Cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice till it tastes right

With all of these recipes - you can feel free to add a pinch of salt.

Nutritional info for one serving: (approx) 266 calories/ 24 protein/ 31.4 carbs/ 5.2 fat

Stir till well combined and divide one cup servings into any container (glass mason jars work fine) You can freeze or put in your refrigerator to eat soon!  

Yes, that is whip cream :-)  I guess I'm not so healthy after all - hee,hee!

This final breakfast isn't a "refrigerator" oat recipe but I make it ALL the time and it's officially one of my husband's favorite healthy breakfasts.  He's down 20+ lbs following the same system I did, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and now weighs less than he did in high school!  (Have I ever told you guys how picky of an eater he is!? hee,hee.....and he REALLY likes this!)

This breakfast will FEED your muscle - hee,hee....that picture was from the beginning of summer, still following the book, it is packed full of great straightforward information.

Berry Muffin (Taste-A-Like) Breakfast
(that's a lame name but my engineer husband calls it "Breakfast Hash" and that's even worse!)

This one is SIMPLE! I use the Pampered Chef Manual Food Processor Chopper but you could either just mix it up really well or use a normal food processor.

Approximately 3/4 cup cooked oatmeal
4 cooked egg whites (or 1 egg plus 3 whites)
1/2 cup raspberries or blueberries
Sprinkle of Stevia and cinnamon
Dash of salt (optional)

Either add a few nuts to the mixture or a TBSP of peanut butter for some healthy fat!

Make sure its all well blended and you have yourself a fantastic healthy and FILLING breakfast.

It really does taste like a muffin :-)  And when you think about it, to make a muffin the main ingredients are oats, eggs, berries and extra spices!

If you want to make this FAST,  microwave your egg whites :-)  

ALSO, I love using oatmeal that's been refrigerated for a day or isn't so mushy but more like individual oats.  I guess that is personal preference but give it a try!

Feel free to check out (or follow) my Heath and Natural Living Pinterest board.  I have a LOT more yummy healthy breakfast ideas pinned there. :-)  

If you are not a fan of pumpkin - how about:


ENJOY my friends!!!  

As always, I hope to inspire all your Creative Juices not only in design but in the kitchen!

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NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway!!!

I am always excited when I can offer you guys a yummy NuNaturals Stevia giveaway!  Woo whoo!

If you are not familiar with stevia, it's a natural, no calorie sweetener. Now-a-days with it's gaining popularity there are a lot of big names  (yep, Coca Cola and PepsiCo!) coming out with a stevia based product like Truvia and Pure Via.  Unfortunately, those companies aren't really concerned about your health and their stevia products go through a chemically driven 40 step process to get you the white powdered outcome.  (Sigh)  In fact, the first ingredient in Truvia and Pure Via isn't even stevia! 

I have been using NuNatrua's stevia for YEARS and it's a brand I trust.  They start with non - GMO stevia leaves and use cold water for extraction.  If you really want the healthiest form of stevia (other than growing it in your backyard!) I suggest buying NuNaturals Pure White Stevia Extract  (there are no fillers like maltodextrin in that product, but let me warn you, a LITTLE goes a long way!) 

My friend Ron from NuNaturals has offered to give FOUR of my readers (approx. $50.00 value) gift box of:

Bottle of Cherry Vanilla NuStevia liquid 
50 packet box of NuNaturals Nustevia White Stevia  Packets
Bottle of their new NuStevia Cocoa Syrup  
Bottle of their NuNaturals Simple Syrup 
AND a fun free bonus product. :-)

I suppose I can't enter myself but I hope my mom does as I know she'll share with me - hee,hee.  
Actually, Ron sends me samples to try out too....but of course all my opinions on NuNatural's stevia are my own.  (-:

You can read my previous post on the
Top 4 Ways to Use Stevia
for more great ideas!

No, the cute little girl is not the "fun free bonus product" :-)

I just tried out the NuNaturals Cherry Vanilla NuStevia in a bottle of sparkling water and it was amazing - I've been off standard "pop"  or "soda" for about 6 years now so having a natural healthy alternative has been awesome.

I also tried the very low calorie NuStevia Cocoa Syrup in some flax milk and LOVED it!  I might have liked it a little better over salted caramel ice cream but I'm trying to be "good" ;-)  

NuNaturals can't ship to PO Boxes BUT they can now ship WORLDWIDE :-)  You can fill in just entry or all 4.  Either way, I think it will be pretty great odds of winning :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In a few days I'll post three of my three favorite healthy breakfasts that use a bit of stevia.  Believe me, the ingredients might surprise you but it's a DELICIOUS breakfast that has a great balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein all wrapped up in one yummy bowl. :-)

I found a great post written about the different forms of stevia and a baking conversion chart.  She mostly showcases the Sweetleaf brand but it can be used for any types of stevia.  She has the same belief as I do about choosing the best stevias for your body so I am adding her link - enjoy!

Once again, in my opinion, the healthiest choice of stevia is the NuNaturals Alcohol Free Stevia  and the NuNaturals Pure White Stevia Extract (This is because they are the purest form of stevia and can be chosen without fillers - some of the other varieties, even the NuNaturals brand contains a filler) 

Can't wait to see who wins and show you the breakfast post so you can give stevia a try!

Five Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer!

Is it just my crazy life, or does anyone else have to travel through a cardboard box every morning and night to get into their child's room?  :-)

And once you are IN, don't bother standing up because to the left is the sleeping quarters and to the right is the changing area.  This is pretty much an all crawling tunnel room from now on :-)

As much as I love fort building -  having sheets and cardboard up for weeks on end makes my life as a pretty organized mother a little bonkers. 

And then I ran into these great outdoor summer ideas! 

How about moving the fort OUTSIDE!  Just string up a rope between two trees and put sheets over it -  add a few pillows and voila!

Or build a simple A frame and build a tee pee to play in!

handmade A frame tents

Building this great little hideout with hula hoops and shower curtains sounds awesome!


Better yet - I know my kids would LOVE it if I actually set up a tent outside.  In fact, I'm sure I'd join them for an overnighter - I'm all about sleeping under the stars :-)

What do you guys think of an outdoor movie theater this summer?! 

We actually bought an outdoor theater screen but I know you can make these with pvc pipes and white vinyl or canvas clothes. 

 I found this great informational blog post on all kinds of simple DIY ideas on how to make an outdoor theater

When we used our screen it was for my son's 9th birthday party but it didn't even get dark until 9:30pm so we had to improvise. We ended up putting it in our shop earlier in the day and the kids played race car wii games against each other FULL size for hours!

These really are not that expensive to buy new!

I love the idea of building a super simple tree house too!

A kid (or mom) could hang out there all day. :-)

directions on apartment therapy 

And this last one is JUST FOR FUN! :-) :-)

And THAT my friends is how to make your backyard AWESOME this summer :-)

Whatcha think? :-) Ready for SUMMER?!

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Pickleball or Hopscotch?

Well my friends, we have run into a bunch of problems with the sports court.  

I've decided I just want to have a hopscotch for my entry instead.  (hee,hee)


First off, the company we ordered from (Flex Court - NOT impressed with them) took 12 weeks to even deliver the court.  This was 4+ weeks longer than quoted.  Secondly, they told us that the court would work over a mixture of compacted gravel (6" sub grade with 3/4 minus to be exact) that was not true and third, after all that, they sent us the wrong rebounder net. /-:

So, if any of you out there reading this post thinking about installing a court using the sports tiles, especially when it's for pickleball, you HAVE to put the tiles over a concrete slab, believe's not going to work (bounce right) any other way. :-)

Anyways, we are now WAY behind scheule because we have to wait to get a concrete slab put in.  (Ummmm, concrete is SO stinkin expensive!) 

Some day, I will show you a beautiful sports court but it might be a while. Such is life! :-)

I did find a great place to put our new hammock though, but it involved a plane ticket and the concrete pad just ate up that money so, never-mind. (yes, I am laughing) :-) :-)

Maybe it will make it easier on my husband if I custom design this sand station for him to work in.  That way he can just pretend he's somewhere tropical while saving up for the concrete :-) :-)

Can't you just feel it all squishy between your toes? Almost like Hawaii :-)

I DO realize this post is ALL over the place but I know you guys still like me. (hopefully - hee,hee)

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!  

My eldest daughter and her cousin. 

My youngest! The "awe" of the glowing sparkler!

*EDIT:  You can go over to the Completed Pickleball Sports Court post to see it all complete, landscape and all :-)creativejuicesdecor
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