Top 10 Creative Juices Decor Posts of 2014

Honestly friends - can you believe it's already a New Year? 2015.  

All to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR friends!
(and I hope your Christmas was wonderful!)

I thought I would compile what my Blogger Stats said was my top 10 posts of 2014.  There were a few I was a bit surprised about and others that I had really hoped to BE one of the top 10 were lost in a sea of internet knowledge. (hee,hee)

This one took me by surprise!  OH MY - I had the image below pinned over 5K times!  My daughter did have a ton of fun making one like it for her friend's Golden Birthday.  (That is when a person turns the AGE their birthday falls on - so her friend turned 13 on the 13th) :-)

I'm not surprised this one was popular.  I wanted to help you guys figure out your own home decor style and aid in creating a spectacular entry way :-)

How could you not LOVE a post showcasing a gallery of reclaimed wood ideas - ha!

I've never had a post be more popular than this one.  I almost feel like it must be my "signature project".  Oh ya, Creative Juices Decor - the map project lady :-)  The fact that the Sydney Herald Morning and Universal Studio's IVillage showcased it may have helped a bit - hee,hee. 

This one TOTALLY took me by surprise!  It's an older post that just took on new life :-)
It's a great one though, lots of good advice for the frugal healthy shopper!

Ah, I love this post!  You can so easily make these Ice Candles by filling up a cup or a bucket with water and let it sit outside till it is half frozen then you dump it out (the extra water that didn't freeze yet) and place a candle in the center.  Decorate your front porch with them this winter and I know you'll get MANY compliments!

This one is a GREAT project to do with kids during winter break as it takes a bit of time for the crystals to form.  My kids LOVE doing this project!  

This post has also been pinned more times than I can count!  I wrote it because a friend of mine was having difficulty attempting to decorate the top of her kitchen cabinets and asked me how to do it.  I find my best posts come when I am trying to help someone about a particular subject (hey friends - you can get FREE design advice!  Just write me your design problems and I might just write a post about it!)

This is a classic.  I wasn't the first one to think of this :-)  But it's a fun twist to section off the front and use CHALK spray paint on it.  You can write a personalized message or use it to number tables as your next big event.

I'm so happy this one made it :-)  I am in LOVE with the look it created on the pergola.  I researched for HOURS on the best price for the romantic yet industrial look I wanted.  I added the links to where I bought mine.  So ya, #10 is my #1 - hee,hee!

Alright, LASTLY I'm going to add a post that deserved to be in the top 10 but isn't - ha!!

My Top 5 Interior Design Secrets

This post took me a LONG time to write and it answers the Holy Grail of design questions. ;-)

There you have it my friends!!!!!  

Welcome to 2015 - this will be my FIFTH year of Creative Juices Decor!  I do hope I've been able to stir some of your Creative Juices over the past few years :-)  If you have a favorite that's not listed I'd love to hear about it in the comments! (or which one WAS your favorite out of the 10 listed?) :-)

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