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Hi Friends!

How are those New Year Goals coming along :-)
Maybe this year will be my year of organization.....OR at least my attempt at organization!

This makes me smile :-)

I guess my Tried and True posts are becoming a series!  Out of the million home decor solutions that have been pinned, there are always a few that are AWESOME and then there are "THE OTHERS" that leave us scratching our heads thinking - HUH??!!??

  The latest one I tried (and LOVED) was the silverware organizer turned JUNK drawer organizer.  VOILA - all organized - yea!

This is the one I saw off Pinterest......she used it for their bathroom.  You can't really see, but each toothbrush spot is labeled with the child's name.  I need to do this! 

little penelope lane

Here are my favorite practical DECOR solutions I have TRIED OUT and written from reading other's tutorials.

(This was such a money saving post for me! Worked perfect!)

All you need is:

Glue gun

All you need is:

Sharpie Pen
Wax paper

Believe me, I have a LOT of laughable pinterest FAILURES that did not work (um, at ALL) that I could write another full post on.  I guess I'll have to save it for one of my Fess Up Friday posts - Pinterest Fails!  ha!

For those that missed it, you can see my Tried and True Recipes and my Tried and True Beauty Products!

What idea have YOU used off Pinterest and loved?

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  1. I love all these ideas! The drawer organizer is great! I'm going to do it!


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