Top 5 Posts: HOW TO DECORATE - Tips and Tricks Everyone Needs to Know

Hey Friends!

Week before last I talked about how to WISELY choose accessories that will turn your space into something spectacular :-)

As I was researching, I realized that I had a BUNCH of posts that I had written on tips and tricks to accessorize and make your home look magazine worthy.

So, for this week, I'm compiling those posts for you.  You may want to pin this so that you can have easy access to a GREAT list of helpful home decorating tutorials when the time comes.

Remember, you can always check out my Amazon Accessory Store for inspiration or purchasing.  It is on the sidebar of the blog too.   I'm hoping there will be something that jumps out at you that you'll love.  I'll try to update and add new items as they come up.  Sometimes it's just one thing that sets off an entire inspiration for the rest of the home.

Here are my TOP tips/secrets/tricks postings that will get your Creative Juices stirred and I believe by the time you read each of these posts you'll feel confident making your home look like a magazine. :-)

Well that should get you started my friends!!  

Lots of FREE ADVICE/TIPS and SECRETS on HOME DESIGN for you my wonderful readers.....if you hire me, I charge for all that - hee, hee.  :-)

If you guys ever have any decor/design questions.....feel free to ask me and maybe I'll do a post on it for  you!  Don't miss out on any other posts - I'd love to have you sign up to receive my once a week home decor inspiration :-)

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Corrugated Metal for Home Interiors - Heavy Metal Versus Classical

Hey Friends,

In the past, when you saw corrugated metal you probably only thought about a barn or shed roof - right?

Well, when you have ambitious DIYers and daring designers a new trend emerges and you have corrugated metal for the INTERIOR! I love the added texture it brings to a room!

Corrugated metal is inexpensive and you can use it new or SALVAGED. (I prefer salvaged as it comes with so much aged character.)  Using the metal indoors can have a huge impact for not a lot of money when in the hands of a creative DIYer.

Of course this blog is all about STIRRING those creative juices so let me show you some of my favorite uses of the corrugated metal (-:

How about this very rustic kitchen bar -  with all the aging going on, I'm guessing they used a salvaged piece.  


How about putting it on the CEILING? :-)

In this guest bedroom they used galvanized metal wainscoting.  Personally, I feel if they somehow "rusted" up the metal it might fit in better with this room.  Using in it's raw form is great for the industrial look though.

Bridger Steel

Here is another photo of the metal being used on the ceiling.  I could very easily stay snuggled up on those chairs for hours!  The light fixture really fits in well with the industrial metal.  This is a great example of adding "heavy metal" with the "classical" look. I like it!

The bathroom below uses a deep rust colored metal - it really fits in well with the rustic cowboy theme:-)

Bridger Steel

This person was VERY creative!  You could easily pay someone to cut out a design on a piece of  metal.  Next, secure it to the wall and you have a very large and exciting headboard!  If that style of headboard is too "fancy" you could even do a simple straight lined cut like a traditional headboard.

I love the idea of bringing it into a kids room!

Lastly, this bedroom is a lot of fun.  I think what makes this room work is the amazing sliding barn door because it breaks up what could be an overwhelming metal room.

So what are your thoughts?  

Do you like mixing the metal with the classical look?   Do you think you would you put it in your own home?


Top Accessories to Make Your Home Look Like a Magazine

Hi Friends!

Sometimes a blog post idea will hit me out of nowhere - like this one :-)  Well actually, it was probably subconscious as I just had a lady ask me this:

"I just remodeled a part of my home and now that it's done, I have NO IDEA what to do!  How do I make it look homey, it just looks so bleak and barren." 

The answer to this question is: ACCESSORIZE!  

I know that some of you are on a very tight budget, so I wanted to help people with ideas on what home accessories are WORTH the investment!

Here is a list of "tried and true" ideas that can really change your home from blah, to WOW:-)

My very first recommendation is to add TEXTURE to your space. The best way to accessorize with texture is to buy a nice throw blanket or greenery

1) A comfy textured throw and pillows

(This is perfect to add some layering on a sofa.....layering really adds that designer touch)

I love using a throw (sometimes even a faux fur throw) to add texture to my clients room.  Obviously if you are trying to add texture to a kitchen I don't recommend a blanket (even though it might make doing the dishes a little more fun) I would recommend greenery on top of your cabinets.

Above Cabinet Greenery

2.) A pair of wall sconces

(GREAT for on either side of any art piece or mirror!)

                                                   Hammered Mirror Wall Sconce - Set of 2

These were one of my favorites! I might just have to find a spot to put these in my own home!

3) A set of pillar candles

(These go so well on ANY mantel area or table top - make sure and get the varying heights!)

                               Carved Wooden Candle Holder in Different Sizes Set of 3

4) Large wall clock

(It's hard to go wrong with a wall clock, you can find a spot for this type of thing anywhere!)

                                                 IMAX Large Wall Clock with Pendulum

5) Greenery

(Buy large for the corner of the room and small for all your table tops. I can not stress enough how much greenery adds to a room!)

                            Silk Decor Preserved Boxwood Ball Topiary, 8.2-Inch, Green

6.) Wall Decor 

Mirrors or any type of art add a LOT to a space.

                                  Metal Wall Decor With Six Round Shaped Plates by Benzara

Fun accessories - Vases, Pitchers, Wicker Baskets, Mirrors etc.....

(Department stores like Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Ross always have these type of things at great prices too)
                                                  Set of 2 Rattan/Metal Lidded Boxes

                                                Large Old World Camping Candle Lantern

This leads into my next big announcement - I started an Amazon Store for my readers!
(if you can't see the store on your reader you can see it on your computer)

I wanted to give you guys great ideas on how to decorate your home with classic accessories for good prices.  You guys already know I am a huge stickler for finding bargains.  I can not handle finding out that I paid 150.00 for a set of candlesticks when I see another set that I like LATER for 75.00!

I was happy to do some of the researching for you guys :-)

Your Welcome - hee,hee.  My clients picture below has quite a few of the accessories above put into "action" :-)

Before and After New Hampshire Home

Accessorizing your space with smart, classic accessories will make it look warm and lovely - it's a fantastic investment for your home. If you are stressing out about how to ARRANGE the accessories, see my How To Decorate Top of Cabinets post. Remember, I'm always here if you guys have any questions! 

Amazon links are affiliate links - thanks for supporting the blog :-)

All About That BASSment :-)

Hey Friends :-)

Is it really all about the BASSment?
(if you haven't heard the song yet....yes, I know it's really spelled basement) :-)

Basements can be hard to decorate around because it usually becomes the spot where all our leftovers go and not to mention, it's usually dark!  

Well don't give up my friends - I say give your basement a face lift!  

One idea is to add an accent wall......

I applied American Clay on this wall about a year after we moved in.  

You could also do a large gallery wall of pictures.  I find if you collect all your miscellaneous art/family photos and place them in ONE spot, we can create something beautiful. Having individual photos scattered around the house without any rhyme or reason doesn't have the same effect. 

After I collected all my family pictures and art, I took the frames off, laid them in my yard and spray painted them the same color.  (I used Kylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Make sure and use the Wax Paper Hanging Method to put up your gallery!

This picture gallery is across from my brick colored American Clay wall downstairs.  

I also loved the idea of applying natural stone cladding or faux brick paneling to a wall.  It will add a unique look to your home without adding a lot to your budget.

Here are a few basements that have used faux brick paneling to accent areas.

All of a sudden, that basement isn't looking too shabby!

Crazy how much "pizazz" it can add to a plain 'ol basement.

How great is this custom made table!?  It sure solves the problem of not having enough seats in the basement! Plus, what goes through my head is when the kids want to bring FOOD downstairs, at least they could sit at the "bar" while eating.


So whatcha think friends?  Did you get any good ideas for your own basement?  Like always, I hope I at least got your Creative Juices going :-)
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