All About That BASSment :-)

Hey Friends :-)

Is it really all about the BASSment?
(if you haven't heard the song yet....yes, I know it's really spelled basement) :-)

Basements can be hard to decorate around because it usually becomes the spot where all our leftovers go and not to mention, it's usually dark!  

Well don't give up my friends - I say give your basement a face lift!  

One idea is to add an accent wall......

I applied American Clay on this wall about a year after we moved in.  

You could also do a large gallery wall of pictures.  I find if you collect all your miscellaneous art/family photos and place them in ONE spot, we can create something beautiful. Having individual photos scattered around the house without any rhyme or reason doesn't have the same effect. 

After I collected all my family pictures and art, I took the frames off, laid them in my yard and spray painted them the same color.  (I used Kylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Make sure and use the Wax Paper Hanging Method to put up your gallery!

This picture gallery is across from my brick colored American Clay wall downstairs.  

I also loved the idea of applying natural stone cladding or faux brick paneling to a wall.  It will add a unique look to your home without adding a lot to your budget.

Here are a few basements that have used faux brick paneling to accent areas.

All of a sudden, that basement isn't looking too shabby!

Crazy how much "pizazz" it can add to a plain 'ol basement.

How great is this custom made table!?  It sure solves the problem of not having enough seats in the basement! Plus, what goes through my head is when the kids want to bring FOOD downstairs, at least they could sit at the "bar" while eating.


So whatcha think friends?  Did you get any good ideas for your own basement?  Like always, I hope I at least got your Creative Juices going :-)

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