VitaFiber Low Carb Recipes - Healthy Sugar Alternative

Alight my friends!

Have you heard of VitaFiber natural sugar alternative?

There have been LOTS of extra protein (low carb) recipes on the internet lately that uses this sweetener so I wanted to find out more about it.

From my research, simply put, it is a natural sweetener derived from natural agricultural products.  It is almost ALL FIBER!  It's also low on the GI index and has less calories than sugar. (Although, it still has a decent amount as you can see below.) The reason it can be called "low carb" is because "net carbs" are always calculated by total carbohydrates grams MINUS the fiber grams.  Overall, it seems to me, it is quite a healthy natural sugar alternative.

nutritional info on Vitafiber

Is is also a prebiotic so it can really help with your digestive health.

Anyway, I asked them to send me some samples so I could try it out and tell you what I think. You guys all know by now that I'm all about yummy healthy things :-)  

First I wanted to try making a NOUGAT - yep, when I was little I loved those BIG HUNK bars. Anyone remember those?  They were white, stretchy, had a few nuts in them and LOADED with sugar.  Sticky cavity making sugar (sorry mom) :-)

vanilla nougat no sugar vitafiber bar

This recipe was incredibly simple - it makes ONE bar.

Vanilla Almond Nougat Bar

6 Tbsp VitaFiber Syrup
6 Tbsp Egg Whites
12 Chopped Almonds
Dash of Almond Extract

Combine the egg whites, syrup and extract in a saucepan over medium heat and cook for around 15 minutes (stirring occasionally) Next add in your chopped nuts and stir another 2-4 minutes. You want it to turn white and thick like chewing gum.  You could test if it's ready by taking a piece and putting it in cold water.  If it gets hard, you know you've cooked it enough.

Once it's cooked, put it on a piece of parchment paper and mold it into a bar.  You can then put it into the refrigerator (or freezer if you want) and let it set.  It should be ready in 30-60 minutes.

It was a bit sticky, and I did have to stir a long time but I did love the taste :-)

no sugar nougat vanilla vitafiber bar recipe

I also wanted to make a protein bar.  Quest sent me their latest protein powders  - Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Peanut Butter :-) :-)

 So I made a Vanilla Coconut Almond Cashew Bar.
(Can I add any more flavors to that LOL!)

coconut almond cashew protein bar quest protein powder

Vanilla Coconut Almond Cashew Protein Bar

1 package Vanilla Quest Protein Powder (a little over 1/4 cup)
2 Tbsp VitaFiber syrup
5-10 chopped almonds
1 Tbsp coconut flakes
1 Tsp cashew butter
(a sprinkle of water if necessary)

Just mix all together and knead with your hands to form a bar.  (-:

Personally, I prefered the Quest Protein Bars from the store, but I always like when someone else makes something, it seems to tastes better LOL!

quest protein powder coconut almond bar

And lastly, I thought I would give some Sugar Free Almond Brittle a try.  This was FAST, opposite of the slow stirring nougat!  It makes about 15 medium pieces.

no sugar vitafiber almond brittle

Almond Brittle 
(in the microwave - easy)

1/2 cup Vitafiber powder
3 Tbsp Vitafiber syrup
20 Almonds chopped
1 Tbsp butter (or coconut oil)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking soda

Combine almonds, Vitafiber powder and syrup, salt in a glass bowl.
Cook in microwave till bubbly (around 2-3 minutes on MY microwave)
Stir in butter and vanilla - cook 45 seconds longer
Quickly pour in baking soda and stir just till mixture is foamy.
Pour immediately into greased baking sheet.
Let cool till set!
Break into pieces and serve.


In my opinion, (you can read more good informational reviews on the Amazon links) Vitafiber seems like a fun and healthy alternative to sugar.  I will continue researching and playing around with recipes :-)

Here is a link to read more about the product yourself!
FAQ about VitaFiber

Nougat and Brittle inspiration found on Bodybuilding Pantry
My disclosure policy :-)

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Thrift Store Lamp Fix Up - Trash to TREASURE

Hey Friends!!

You guys know I love finding treasures at the thrift store! 

  I need someone to share them with since my husband just shakes his head and wonders why I am collecting "junk".  His term - NOT mine.....Mine is TREASURE!!! for a fraction of the cost of new.  :-) 

This is my new lamp.  I love it!  Some people might think it's a little hideous odd but I think it is rich with texture and style.  Ready for the price tag......drum roll.....$2.50.  Yep - the person who priced this baby didn't have very high regards for it.  Their loss, my gain. :-)

old textured green and brown 1970 thrift store lamp

I put it in my rustic tuscan living room right in the corner!  You can see the end table that I found at the thrift store and updated too :-)

tuscan living room with thrift store lamp

I have many other thrift store lamp makeovers on this blog - the one below was fun!  Peach to Oil Rubbed Bronze :-)

before and after thrift store lamp

Have you had any success finding old lamps and fixing them up or do thrift stores give you the creeps? :-) 

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Chocolate Covered Walls

Happy Chocolate Day!  

Well, somewhere in the world I bet it is :-)  Monday was National Caramel Day know.....chocolate and caramel go together and I wanted to wish you a delicious weekend! :-)

This is the kind of chocolate you can have ALL you want and not gain a pound :-) Woo Whoo!  Here's to this delicious, rich, dark, chocolatey brown color painted on WALLS used in home decor!

brown painted walls

How about using this natural deep brown Tea Chest by Sherwin Williams in your living room? 

tea chest brown living room paint
Traditional Living Room by Charlotte Interior Designers 

A lot of designers feel that deep chocolate brown is an unsung hero of the paint world.  (-:  They believe it can be used in pretty much any room.

How about a luscious brown bedroom?

brown paint in a bedroom

This caramel brown is very soothing.  It looks beautiful with the artwork. 

deep brown bedroom paint
The brown really makes this bedroom feel masculine, but adding the huge textured upholstery headboard adds a softness to the room.  A good combination :-)

Here is a lovely chocolate brown seating area.  It sure does make the artwork pop.

Phoebe Howard Design

How about in a bathroom?  

I like the brown split up by white wainscot.  I understand people could be nervous to put dark colors in a small room, but the dark colors won't necessarily make the room seem smaller, just darker.  :)  If you do choose brown for your paint color, use mirrors and other reflective pieces to make the room seem less gloomy. Other ideas would be to paint just half the wall brown (shown below) or just use the brown on an accent wall.

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of solid deep brown walls, BUT I think using it as an accent wall or with accent colors, can be beautiful.  Brown seems to go really well with purple, turquoise and if you really want a pop, red!  

Brown and Turquoise
brown and turquoise wall paint
Brown Base with a stenciled pattern on top. Source

Brown and Red - Cute for a boys room!


The online resource Real Simple had a fun article about decorating with brown which included paint color suggestions.  

Aura in Davenport by Benjamin Moore for a dining room.  

Gentle Fawn GLNO2 by Gliddon paint for a bathroom.

Aura in Acorn by Benjamin Moore for a bedroom

Flax collection in Chocolate by Restoration Hardware for just an accent wall.

Flax Collection in Cappuccino by Restoration Hardware for a living room.

So after seeing those photos, what are your thoughts about brown paint on walls?  

I hope I didn't set you on a crazy craving for chocolate - if I did,  you can always make these delicious browned sugar. chocolate chip cookies :-) 

You're Welcome :-)

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Spring Break Coast Trip

Hey Friends!

Well it's officially SPRING and I'm guessing if you have kids (or grand kids!) they were off either last week or this week :-)

We had a blast last week going to the coast for a little GETAWAY.  I think my favorite part about getaways are the fact that you don't have ANY routine, your entire "schedule" gets to fly out the window - makes me happy - hee,hee.

We went to the coast.

For those that have followed my blog for a while now, know that I have tons of memories growing up near the ocean so that salty sea smell full of sea creatures makes me feel right at home :-)  As a kid (okay, as an adult too LOL) I LOVED turning over rocks and catching the baby crabs!

spring break beach trip

At my Grandparents home!

We got back in time for Easter :-)  My kids would have been devastated to have been away for grandmas HUGE Easter egg hunt with all their cousins.

 I'll leave you guys with a little beach house EYE CANDY :-)  

I think it this was my home, I might not need to go on Spring Break - hee,hee,  I just love the red adirondack chairs around the cozy fireplace  - oh, and the view of the water :-)

fireplace with red adirondack chairs backyard with beach

The perfect beach house porch - swinging porch seating/beds.

beach porch with swinging porch beds

Maybe some day (without the kids :-) we will go somewhere like this for a little getaway!

vacation beach porch with view of ocean

Do  you guys have any Spring Break plans?  I hope you have (or had) a wonderful time just getting away from the normal ol' routine :-)

Have a wonderful week!

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Friday Favorites - Homes, Hotels and Treehouses

Yes, it's finally Friday!

I thought it would be fun to do a post on some of the amazing or extremely exuberant home photos I have seen lately.  Hopefully they will make you smile (or at least say, WHAT??!!)

First off, could you imagine waking up to THAT every morning?? :-)

room with a view peaceful

Seriously? Could it get any better?  (but I'm a bath shower people might not think this is all that great - ha!)

OK so maybe you're a shower person but you don't mind hot tubs.......will this do? :-)

I have decided I want to be part of a tree house community :-) 


This is an actual hotel in Chile!  My brother in law is from Chile, so a visit to the country wouldn't be out of the question.
Magic Mountain Lodge, Huilo Huilo, Chile

BUT, why did they have to put a pincher bug as their pillow logo?  (I have a total fear of those pincher things) I no longer feel like staying in that hotel :-) 

Could you imagine carrying all your suitcases across that swinging wooden bridge?  I would make my husband walk across it first as he weighs a lot more than me......and then I could see if any of the boards would break - hee,hee. 

 I'm not even sure what to label this next living space!  I guess it's truly OUTDOOR LIVING!

Remember my post on how much I adore homes with a water view?  Well, this is even a little over the top (wink, wink) for me! :-)  This is a cliff house built in Australia! 


Alright my friends!  I promise to do a "normal" design post next week.  Ha!  Just trying to spice things up a little :-) :-) 

Which one of these pictures would YOU enjoy most?

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