Chocolate Covered Walls

Happy Chocolate Day!  

Well, somewhere in the world I bet it is :-)  Monday was National Caramel Day know.....chocolate and caramel go together and I wanted to wish you a delicious weekend! :-)

This is the kind of chocolate you can have ALL you want and not gain a pound :-) Woo Whoo!  Here's to this delicious, rich, dark, chocolatey brown color painted on WALLS used in home decor!

brown painted walls

How about using this natural deep brown Tea Chest by Sherwin Williams in your living room? 

tea chest brown living room paint
Traditional Living Room by Charlotte Interior Designers 

A lot of designers feel that deep chocolate brown is an unsung hero of the paint world.  (-:  They believe it can be used in pretty much any room.

How about a luscious brown bedroom?

brown paint in a bedroom

This caramel brown is very soothing.  It looks beautiful with the artwork. 

deep brown bedroom paint
The brown really makes this bedroom feel masculine, but adding the huge textured upholstery headboard adds a softness to the room.  A good combination :-)

Here is a lovely chocolate brown seating area.  It sure does make the artwork pop.

Phoebe Howard Design

How about in a bathroom?  

I like the brown split up by white wainscot.  I understand people could be nervous to put dark colors in a small room, but the dark colors won't necessarily make the room seem smaller, just darker.  :)  If you do choose brown for your paint color, use mirrors and other reflective pieces to make the room seem less gloomy. Other ideas would be to paint just half the wall brown (shown below) or just use the brown on an accent wall.

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of solid deep brown walls, BUT I think using it as an accent wall or with accent colors, can be beautiful.  Brown seems to go really well with purple, turquoise and if you really want a pop, red!  

Brown and Turquoise
brown and turquoise wall paint
Brown Base with a stenciled pattern on top. Source

Brown and Red - Cute for a boys room!


The online resource Real Simple had a fun article about decorating with brown which included paint color suggestions.  

Aura in Davenport by Benjamin Moore for a dining room.  

Gentle Fawn GLNO2 by Gliddon paint for a bathroom.

Aura in Acorn by Benjamin Moore for a bedroom

Flax collection in Chocolate by Restoration Hardware for just an accent wall.

Flax Collection in Cappuccino by Restoration Hardware for a living room.

So after seeing those photos, what are your thoughts about brown paint on walls?  

I hope I didn't set you on a crazy craving for chocolate - if I did,  you can always make these delicious browned sugar. chocolate chip cookies :-) 

You're Welcome :-)

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  1. I love brown! I used a brown like the chocolate one you listed on the back of my hutch. I just painted it a creamy white and I knew it needed something else so I painted the back portion of the shelves Behr brown (don't remember the name of the color) and it was just what it needed. Great post!

    1. OH, that sounds lovely....creamy white with a chocolate creamy brown :-)


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