Thrift Store Lamp Fix Up - Trash to TREASURE

Hey Friends!!

You guys know I love finding treasures at the thrift store! 

  I need someone to share them with since my husband just shakes his head and wonders why I am collecting "junk".  His term - NOT mine.....Mine is TREASURE!!! for a fraction of the cost of new.  :-) 

This is my new lamp.  I love it!  Some people might think it's a little hideous odd but I think it is rich with texture and style.  Ready for the price tag......drum roll.....$2.50.  Yep - the person who priced this baby didn't have very high regards for it.  Their loss, my gain. :-)

old textured green and brown 1970 thrift store lamp

I put it in my rustic tuscan living room right in the corner!  You can see the end table that I found at the thrift store and updated too :-)

tuscan living room with thrift store lamp

I have many other thrift store lamp makeovers on this blog - the one below was fun!  Peach to Oil Rubbed Bronze :-)

before and after thrift store lamp

Have you had any success finding old lamps and fixing them up or do thrift stores give you the creeps? :-) 

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  1. Oh, that's beautiful! I love all the colors it has going on and with a shade it's gonna rock. Good find!!

  2. Love the lamp and what a deal. I hear all the gals on blogs telling what deals they get at their local DI and Goodwills and I get jealous. Our Goodwills around here are very proud of their merchandise and overprice it most of the time in my opinion. Congratulations on the deals.

    1. Oh good, I'm happy that you guys like it - hee,hee. The trick to thrift stores is finding the GOOD ones - some are just stinky and awful - ha! We have about 7 locally and there is only ONE that I go to regularly....maybe it's who they collect from that makes it good. (AND the fact that they price it for a thrift store and don't think they are Pottery Barn - geesh, hate it when they price things the same as a store would be!) Have fun ladies!


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