Friday Favorites - Homes, Hotels and Treehouses

Yes, it's finally Friday!

I thought it would be fun to do a post on some of the amazing or extremely exuberant home photos I have seen lately.  Hopefully they will make you smile (or at least say, WHAT??!!)

First off, could you imagine waking up to THAT every morning?? :-)

room with a view peaceful

Seriously? Could it get any better?  (but I'm a bath shower people might not think this is all that great - ha!)

OK so maybe you're a shower person but you don't mind hot tubs.......will this do? :-)

I have decided I want to be part of a tree house community :-) 


This is an actual hotel in Chile!  My brother in law is from Chile, so a visit to the country wouldn't be out of the question.
Magic Mountain Lodge, Huilo Huilo, Chile

BUT, why did they have to put a pincher bug as their pillow logo?  (I have a total fear of those pincher things) I no longer feel like staying in that hotel :-) 

Could you imagine carrying all your suitcases across that swinging wooden bridge?  I would make my husband walk across it first as he weighs a lot more than me......and then I could see if any of the boards would break - hee,hee. 

 I'm not even sure what to label this next living space!  I guess it's truly OUTDOOR LIVING!

Remember my post on how much I adore homes with a water view?  Well, this is even a little over the top (wink, wink) for me! :-)  This is a cliff house built in Australia! 


Alright my friends!  I promise to do a "normal" design post next week.  Ha!  Just trying to spice things up a little :-) :-) 

Which one of these pictures would YOU enjoy most?



  1. I'm a shower person, but the bath photos. I could do that! Some really unusual places! Hope you had a Happy Easter!

    1. Happy Easter to you too!! Ya, you probably would become a bath person if you were surrounded by that kind of luxury! Too much fun (: Thanks for the comment/wishes!!


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