Introducing Old World Garden Farm!

Well my friends, when I come across a blog titled OLD WORLD GARDEN FARM  I was very curious to check it out.  (You all know I love Old World anything :-)

I actually have another blog Old World Walls that mostly shows my American Clay projects.  I don't keep up with it like I do this blog.  I have NO idea how people can keep up with multiple blogs! This ONE takes me over the edge sometimes LOL!

Anyway (wow, I do get sidetracked -ha!) I had such a delightful time going through their posts that I contacted Jim and Mary and asked if I could do a blog feature on them.  :-)

Introducing Old World Garden Farm :-)  I now want chickens - hee,hee.

They are probably best known for what they did to their barn.  They try to used reclaimed and salvaged product for all their projects! Their goal is to build everything on their farm on the "cheap" by practicing the art of recycle - reuse and re-purpose. They are a self sufficient farm couple :-)

From their own words :-) "Our “new” barn, was built over the course of a summer by reclaiming 2 turn of the century barns (one of which was my dad’s), and turning them into our Old World Garden Barn. Both barns came only for the price of simply tearing them down."

Here is the first thing they made for their old world barn!  They made them from old barn flooring.

The completed barn :-)

I absolutely love the idea of adding a huge PERGOLA off of a barn front!  Just think of how much extra outside entertainment space you can create!  Anyone ready for a BARN PARTY!

They had a lot of friends (and blog readers!) that loved the pergola so much they asked if they would build them one.  Mary and Jim had had so many requests they made a side business of it! 

Here is a pergola they built for a friend - I love how the friends decorated around it.

I know you guys have all seen MY pergola :-)  Decorating with patio string lights has been my most favorite upgrade to date.:-)

 They also LOVE using those old delivery/shipping pallets for all kinds of projects.  They give you detailed instructions on how to take apart those crazy things (believe me, if you want to make something out of pallets, read how to do this first!  I tried to take one apart ONCE and gave up very quickly!) 

The cool thing is you can get those pallets almost anywhere for FREE, they even give you tips on how to find pallets easily.  

This is what they say about their cute old world coop "Our chicken coop was built almost entirely of used shipping crates we obtained for free. Same goes for our composting bins." 

(Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?  Selina!  That would look perfect in your backyard to match your Tuscan Old World Home!  Yes, I'm giggling.....we now just have to convince my husband.)

Can you just see the chicken coop next to our pickleball court?!? :-)  

I TOTALLY CAN!!!!  Even the decorative grasses match!

They built an amazing reclaimed barn wood door headboard! You can read directions on the linked post. I LOVE the hardware they added to the headboard.  Sometimes it's the little things that makes such a big difference. :-)

Check out the Recycled Barn Wood Trestle Table - yep, made it from wood salvaged from barn roof rafters. I love the old world/vintage look they achieved.

A blog reader liked their wood table so much and offered to buy this one so.......

they had to make another one!  But this time they added a bench seat to each side.  LOVE IT! (Do you notice the brick barn floor too!  So pretty)

Thanks Mary and Jim for letting me show a little more of the "world" your amazing place and projects!!!  

I didn't even hit all the fantastic recipes, gardening tips and canning ideas they have on their blog too! (or how to raise chickens!)

Stop by Mary and Jim's Blog and say Hi!  

And......if you love posts about Repurposing you'll enjoy this post I did recently.  

Turn an old watering trough into a vintage/industrial console!

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