Need More Living Space? Add a PERGOLA - Top Tips Gallery and Ideas

Hey Friends!

Can you believe it's just about JUNE!?!

It's been gorgeous weather over her in the the Great Northwest and we've been eating outside under the lights of the pergola already.

Our pergola - click to see where to buy those string lights

I thought it would be fun to show you some awesome ADDITIONAL living spaces made by people that simply added a PERGOLA to the side of their home.


This pergola setting is so beautiful, of course, having mature vines slipping their way around the structure makes this "picture perfect".   I love the lanterns too - I did an entire post on How to Decorate with Lanterns that will make you want to buy every lantern you see - hee,hee.

Can you imagine stepping out of your living room french doors into this? :-)
You would have an entire other ROOM!  I love the brick pavers and the added potted greenery.

I love that even though this is a smaller space they still made it into something special.  You don't need a "grand" space to have an added pergola make it special.  In fact there are probably some introverts looking at that saying PERFECT - a spot just for two - hee,hee.  

The added pots and bright outdoor pillows really made this setting cozy.  


This next picture is for those Shabby Chic lovers :-)  I love the flagstone pavers on the ground.  


Here is another small area that added an entire dining room to their home!  That can't be wider than 10 feet?  Simply gorgeous.  Don't forget to add STRING LIGHTS to your outdoor structure.  It adds SO much ambiance!

apartment therapy

I could keep adding more ideas of outdoor pergola spaces but I probably have enough for one post! (Maybe I'll have to do a Pergola Gallery post #2 for you guys!) 

Let me leave you with a few TIPS and thoughts.

1) By creating an outdoor living space (weather permitting) you can add additional square footage space to your home :-)  Having a second family room or dining area is a HUGE PLUS!  I love my second dining room :-)

2.) If you have an existing patio, think about just adding an awning or pergola over it and viola, you have created an extra homey designated "room" outlined by the overhead structure.

3.) Add outdoor pillows to add color, texture and pattern to your space - it makes a WORLD of difference and is worth the investment.  

My Backyard Living Space

4.) Oversized pots and planters can add so much life and even make the designated area feel more like a "room" by having an "edge" or barrier.  It also adds a lot of depth to the area.

Adding Potted Vines to Pergola

5.) Have fun adding outdoor ACCESSORIES to your space - add lanterns, vases, bowls or anything that you like!  It will make your space really feel like an extension of your home.

6.) LASTLY, add LIGHTING.  Oh my word, it's my favorite part of my pergola.  It just adds so much character and ambiance to the outdoor "room".  I did a lot of research on finding just the right patio string light set.  I wanted something that would be able to stay up through SNOWY winters and had black wire without being astronomically priced.  I finally found the perfect set.

37.5 Foot S14 Clear Outdoor Patio Globe String Light Set, Black Wire, 25 Bulb Set

Click to see my full post on my own PERGOLA and string lights.

I hope you have a delightful summer my friends!  Anyone have plans of building a pergola this summer? Which one was your favorite? :-)

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