AWESOME Outdoor Movie Screen Ideas for Summer

Hey Friends!

I don't know about where you live, but over here in Idaho we are having a total heat wave!  Summer is hitting us a MONTH earlier than normal!

I found these GORGEOUS outdoor movie theater ideas on Pinterest and wanted to share.

What do you think of this?  You could add your movie screen over the fireplace of your outdoor entertainment area!

OHHH YESS!!! A movie screen inside of your GAZEBO! <3

huffington post - Ancaster Design Group

Or better yet, a MOVIE while swimming in your backyard pool! :-)

I'm laughing a bit at how unrealistic these photos are for us "common folks" :-)

Alright, let's add some "LET'S GET REAL" backyard movie theater set up pictures! :-)

I happen to have a REALLY good let's get real photo for you guys - hee,hee :-)

We had to put our theater screen in our shop because it was STILL as bright as noon at 9pm and I was not going to allow a group of 10 year old boys to stay up till 1am just to watch a movie outside.  (I know, lame mom LOL)

We actually bought an outdoor theater screen but I know you can make these with PVC pipes and white vinyl or canvas clothes. 

(click to see link)

I found this great informational blog post on all kinds of simple DIY ideas on how to make an outdoor theater

If you are looking to buy one, you can really get a good deal on Amazon! They aren't even THAT expensive. Oh, this could be a great Father's Day Gift idea! 

I LOVED this idea!  
It's like a bird feeding pergola movie theater - hee,hee. 

Just pull the screen down for some great backyard movies!  When the screen is UP, you can just become a birdwatcher ;-)

Oh my, we just did our first Star Wars Trilogy marathon with the kids last month.  I think it was too much for my 7 year old as the "This is no cave" scene had her LITERALLY FLYING off my lap and crying hysterically.  We didn't let her watch the other ones after that. (OOPS! My bad)

This looks like so much fun though!

I now want to set up my screen, snuggle with a blanket and watch a movie tonight :-)

Who wants to join me?  :-)

What do you guys think of investing in an outdoor movie theater this summer!?!  Would you make your own or just buy one? :-)


  1. This is really a wonderful post.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I enjoy the feedback. Just this week we set up our outdoor movie screen again! It's the perfect end of summer fun. (:


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