Have You Ever Wanted a Kitchen Booth Eating Nook? :-)

Hey Friends!

In the house I grew up in, we had a BOOTH breakfast nook.  Yep, it was like a cute little diner for all our breakfasts and homework assignments!

I think it's a great use of kitchen space and wanted to show you some fantastic examples of built in kitchen or eating table areas:-)


Ah, Seaside Paradise!


You can really save space if you plan it out right!


Hydrangeas make any home decor look special :-)


Just add a bench under the kitchen window and away you go!  Love the black white and green color scheme.

This red one below reminds me a lot of my eating area growing up....it was right in the kitchen.

You can just create built in seats under a window for a perfect eating area!

I love coral and turquoise against a white backdrop. 

This table set up below could fit at least 10!  I like it :-)


What a great vignette - the wood beam ceiling is very cool!

I love the knotted wood floor and that dark wooden table is LOVELY!!


The view is just an extra - hee, hee.

I might not eat a LONG time at this table (doesn't look super comfy!) but it sure looks elegant!

traditional home

OK, maybe this one reminds me most of the one I "grew up" in :-)

All to say though, I really like kitchen eating nooks :-)


What are your thoughts??  

Would you dislike having a "shared seat" or having to scoot in and out?  Or does the space saving coziness make a kitchen eating nook alluring for you?

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