Well my friends,

I suppose it didn't surprise me when this little munchkin asked me to make her a hot pink and black zebra cake for her birthday :-)

(Yes, she made this entire "cat" outfit herself!)

At first I was a little overwhelmed as I thought the only way to make a cake like that would be to use fondant and I didn't really feel like trying to figure out STRIPES! :-)

Thankfully, Michael's craft store came to my rescue and I found this Duff Edible Decorating Paper - Animal Prints on sale for 9.00

The edible paper along with some Betty Crocker pink icing, Duncan Hines frosting and Wilson's zebra candy hearts I was SET!!!!  WOOO WHOOOO!!!!

I think she really liked it :-)

I used an 8" cake pan and a Pyrex glass bowl that was about 5" wide.  

I had to cut the edible papers a little thinner to accommodate the cake but it was SUPER EASY!  (I think it was not as thick because I only used ONE box for the two cakes.)

I just frosted it up, put on the paper, use the easy pre-made pink icing tube and laid on the hearts! 

Overall the entire cake cost me around $19.00 :-)  

There you have it!  

If you want to see more EASY birthday cake ideas check out my other postings :-)

KitKat and M&M cake

Have a GREAT weekend my friends!  

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