Henna Tattoo FUN! A Great teenage PARTY idea.

Hey Friends!

This next little project would be fun for a girl of ANY age .  Yes, even a girl in her, ahem, 30's would love it ;-)

I could totally see a teenage girl party having a BLAST with this stuff!

My daughter bought some henna and the next thing I knew, I was making pretty designs on her arm :-)  (Obviously, when you are a teenager, you do NOT like your picture taken I guess!)

Henna just put on.....

After the henna dried and was "picked" off :-)

The great thing about henna is it's all natural (plant based) and it just lightly stains the skin.  It will last about a week.  This is the same henna as some people use in their hair.

(And yes, when you are 8, you LOVE your picture taken! I had about 10 different little poses of her but to her dislike, I only put ONE on here)  :-)

NOW for the run down on how to do this yourself! 

After a bit of research we decided on this henna powder .  It was a great price and seemed like good quality.

If we wanted nice tools to apply the henna I would have bought this 

BUT my daughter was using her own money and decided to use a plastic cake decorating bag with the smallest holed metal tip inside. (You can also just snip off the tip of the plastic decorating bag and begin your work too, in fact, we almost liked it that way better!)  The tip isn't as small as the Amazon precision tips but it still does the job.

Out of curiosity, does having my DOG in the picture make the henna bag look classier? ;-)

She used Henna Guru's "non fail" henna recipe but my daughter HALVED it as she knew she wouldn't need a lot.  (It still made quite a bit! She could have made at least 5 large detailed designs with it.)

The recipe basically is just:
Henna Powder
Tea Tree Oil
(This needs to sit at least 1 hour in refrigerator before applying)

You can find an ABUNDANCE of amazing henna designs off Pinterest to use as a reference.  When you apply it, it goes on thick and forms a rope/line on the skin.  Once the design is applied, you just let it dry.  The longer it stays on, the darker the stain will be.  My eldest let hers stay on overnight before "picking" off the hardened henna.  (She put her hand in a plastic glove so she wouldn't get it on her bedding.)

My youngest let hers stay on for maybe 30 minutes before picking it off. (hee,hee)
It was a lighter stain.

Here she is in the process of picking off the dried henna.

And the LOVELY final product :-)

You could pair this Henna Tattooing with making Bali Sandals for a fun East Indian THEMED party!


What do you think!!???  Wouldn't this be a fun thing to do at a party!?!  Pin this for future reference :-)

I'd be up for it :-)

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  1. Glad you like the henna tattoos!!! It could make for a fun Bali themed party!

  2. Yeah I completely agree that “Henna Tattoo FUN” is a fantastic teenage party idea. Thanks for these party photographs. I am glad that you had a blasting time. At some local NYC event space I would love to host Henna Tattoo holiday party.


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