Making Pet Accessories Blend in With Your Home Decor

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So, if you missed the post that we got a new cock-a-mutt puppy, you'll have to check her out. :-)

As an interior designer I run into quite a frustration trying to disguise all their pet THINGS to look like they are a part of the house!  I can't just have tacky dog bowls in the middle of our kitchen floor - right?  hee,hee.

 I solved the issue with our FIRST dog by simply thinking ahead while we were building our new home.  We had an empty wall space that I asked for a "cut out" for his dog dishes - VIOLA, a simple yet very efficient fix!

Aged Copper Tuscan Looking Dog Bowls!

BTW, this is on a big sale on Amazon right now, I paid more than double that price for mine (sigh, oh well)

Honestly, I NEVER thought we would own a 2nd dog but it happened.  (We had good reason, I'd just have to have you over for coffee to explain it all - ha!) 

So the search began to have yet another set of dog dishes camouflaged within the look of this Northwest Tuscan inspired home :-)

I ended up with these and put them in the corner, out of the way of traffic.

Unleashed Life Raised Dog Bowl

Actually, you can see lots of unique dog bowls from that company!  

This RED bowl could fit in so well in a kitchen something like this one!

See how FUN this making pet accessories blend in with your home can be?!  hahaha!

Maybe you love antiques and have a more farmhouse theme.....

This DIY chair food holder is super cute!  Couldn't you just see these set of chairs fitting in perfectly in the laundry room above!

ALMOST makes all you NON pet people want a pet - right?  (hee, hee)

Now moving on to DOG CRATES!

Wow, those flimsy plastic things can be SO expensive!  It doesn't surprise me at all that Pinterest is FULL of DIY end table/dog crate ideas.  You could probably have a carpenter friend make you one for around the same price as buying the plastic ones from Petco. (Or make it yourself for less and have it prettier than the plastic ones!)

Ana White posted the DIY how to on this dog crate - she said it is HUGE and cost her under 40 bucks!

Here it is shown stained and monogrammed by someone who used her plan. 

Gorgeous - huh!

Nathan used wire instead of the wood slats on Ana's Design.  He gives you full dog crate instructions also. 

You could also remove the front panel of an already made night stand and add a wire mesh as the crate door!

Do you have empty space under your stairs? How about putting your dog area there!


It's always nice to have a specific place a dog can go when they want to "escape" from kids, company or annoying little puppies :-)

Save these ideas for the next time you build your own home!  They just require some planning ahead but the cost is probably almost the same :-)

Whatcha think of all these ideas?!!!  

Tell me your thoughts! :-)

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