What Happens When You Use a Bike as a Sink?

Ah, sometimes the CREATIVITY of people blow me away!

I so enjoy people who think outside the box.  I wanted to show you some of the best recycled home decor items I have seen lately.

Does anyone have a cool old fashion BIKE they were thinking of getting rid of? :-)

benjamin bullins

You could also find old unique bikes on Craigslist for not a lot of money.  I love how they used the front basket for washcloths.  

What about using vintage truck springs as your barstool base? 

It really looks great with the weathered wood kitchen island.  

Here they used a giant farm sink transformed into a unique bathroom statement. 

How about these re purposing items in home decor:

This person took a cattle trough and installed a fiberglass liner in it. (She said the whole thing cost her 90 bucks!)  I could definitely see this in a farmhouse style home.

Kim from Baileywife had an old water trough and her young son made it into a great console table! I love the wheels he added to it.

How fun is that?

What do you think about using old wash-bins and turning them into chic light fixtures?

Creative - huh.  

One of my own TRASH to TREASURE or recycling projects was when I ran across this old 1970's painting.  

It was huge and I just knew I could create something cool out of it.  It didn't hit me as to what I would do with it until I started taking apart an old hanging seashell decoration.  I knew I could create something either completely dorky (that looked like a potato chip collage) or something totally fun.  

I'm hoping you all think it turned out fun :-)

You can see the entire 1970's painting turned eclectic art tutorial here.

OLD painting for 20 bucks at thrift store.

Capri Shell hanging 1970's fixture for 7 bucks :-)

Turned into a large eclectic piece of art!

It really make our master bedroom fun!

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Simple Ideas to Add Character to Your Home for Not a Lot of Money

Hey Friends!

Every once in a while I run across a picture and think,

Wow, that really wasn't hard to add to a home but it gives the it character and creates such a CUSTOM and UNIQUE feel.

For example: I love the added wooden beams, without them, this home would look just like any other "nice" home.

One of my very favorite items I implemented into my home was this iron window.  The iron window itself was custom made for only $375.00 and honestly, I don't think it cost me anything extra in having them install it in the wall.  It was put into the floor plans from the very beginning.

All to say, I was able to add tons of character to my home for not a lot of money.

When I titled my blog Creative Juices for Decor THAT was my goal.  I am always wanting to give you guys inspiration and creativity for all of your home projects. :-)

What about adding real brick as your front entry flooring?  I know this house is pretty elaborate but even in an "average" home, if this was done right, it could really add some fantastic character!

I also loved the idea of applying natural stone cladding or faux brick paneling to a wall.  It will add a unique look to your home without adding a lot to your budget.

Maybe you aren't a fan of brick but you love natural stone.  It doesn't have to be a super expensive thing to add stone (or a stone veneer) to just ONE wall of your home. Lowes put on a super simple YouTube video showing an easy way to do a stone veneer interior wall, but really, just think about it.......it is the same principle as adding tile to a wall.....not hard at all and the OUTCOME? Worth it :-)

How about this project that you can do for PENNIES :-)  hee,hee.....I actually really like the penny back splash they did.  Plus they implemented just ONE brick wall (to add character) and the concrete counter tops are always fun.  

We did concrete counter tops in one of our homes and I wrote a great article telling the pros and cons of each type of kitchen counter top application. 

This picture below is a similar idea to the first one I showed you guys.  My guess is this isn't actually structural, it's just decorative but it sure adds a lot of character to this home!

And lastly, this picture is just GORGEOUS.  They used reclaimed barn wood as their stairs.  I think what makes this so spectacular is the mix of the OLD with the NEW.  :-)

Is anyone inspired?!?  

Use this post to pin ideas on any future home building plans.  Some ideas are simple, but do require a little planning in the beginning stages of home design :-)

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How to Create an Outdoor Oasis! Covered Patio and Porches

Hey Friends!

Have you been doing a lot of outside entertaining this summer?

It has been very hot over here in Idaho!  At night, I love going outside to eat or just sitting down for a while to watch the sun set.

There have been some STUNNING outdoor rooms that I MUST show you guys :-)

Get ready to be inspired!

First, I LOVE this porch with the build in fireplace.  I wrote a whole article about decorating with lanterns and what the best classic accessories are to use in your home.

outdoor porch with stone fireplace

This is such a rustic outdoor entertainment area.  Once again, a cozy fireplace makes this the perfect place for an evening drink. (oh, and I'm sure the mountain top view helps out with the relaxation effect too) :-)

rustic setting outdoor patio

Maybe I should have titled this post Covered Patio and Porches with FIREPLACES :-) 

Mirrors always make a space appear bigger.  This is a lovely set up with dreamy pulled curtains as a bonus feature.

outdoor entertainment area with stone fireplace

I picked this little photo because it's more "real".  Us "normal" folks could actually figure out how to do something like this with our home.  Decorating with greenery is one of my favorite design tips.  You can read one of my popular posts on how to make any space go from DRAB to FAB :-)

greenery on a porch

The hood on this fireplace makes the space for me :-)  I love anything aged and old world style.

old world outside fireplace

 Walls covered in brick or stone is another one of my favorite features :-) You can click over on that post to see how to create stone veneer walls in your own home for not a lot of money!

brick wall outside patio

I have actually shown you guys this photo below in my post on AMAZING outdoor ideas. I guess I just have a special place in my heart for this photo LOL.  I can't wait for my own pergola to be covered in vigorous blooming vines :-)

outdoor eating area with pergola

I love all the french doors opening up to this covered outdoor area.

neutral outdoor patio with french doors

I really liked how the stone walls followed through with the same color scheme to the slate floor! I love the patio furniture too - what a great pop of color.

coral colored seat cushions on slate porch

This is simply lovely :-)

gorgeous stone outdoor fireplace

I'm not quite sure what I like more.....the room or the scenery!  What a PEACEFUL outdoor room!

scenic screened porch in woods

This is such a lovely addition to this home.  If you ever have the chance to build your own home having a covered porch area to entertain outside would be invaluable.

gorgeous outdoor entertainment area

Wouldn't you agree there is something wonderful about covered porches with BREEZY curtains flowing in the wind.  I could stay in this space all afternoon. 

breezy curtains on outdoor porch

And lastly, what a GRAND back patio.  Wow :-)  I love the old wooden beams and the stone fireplace.  Simply awesome :-)

rustic old world covered porch

What do YOU think about outdoor patios and porches?  Did you have a favorite? 

Do you have one and use it a lot or does it seems to just "be there" but never put to good use? 

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Gorgeous Attic Rooms to Drool Over

Hey Friends!

Is there anyone else out there that just LOVES attic spaces?!

old attic room with hand stacked wooden beams

Rooms that are formed in the upper tresses of a home can actually save money :-)  We had an awesome architect draw up our home, he stuck the kids rooms in the rafters following the outline of the building frame.

Nooks and crannies are my favorite :-)

The picture below is my daughters room built within the tresses.

kids room built in the attic trusses antique setting

This is the cute little desk nook off the corner - you can see her full before and after bedroom on my other post.

desk area in attic nook

 I scoured the internet to find you the BEST of dreamy attic bedrooms :-) 

I can NEVER get enough of the stone and rustic wood combination!

stone and wood attic bedroom

This is a really sweet room - accentuating the attic truss with the wooden beam adds so much character.

shabby chic attic space with wooden beam

This almost looks like a church remodeled into a home?  Confession, I'd live in it - hee,hee.

church remodeled attic space wooden beams

These wooden beams are gorgeous!  

hand carved wooden beams in attic room

And if all those pictures above weren't enough to make you want to start adding walls to your attic THIS ONE WILL! Beyond dreamy - huh :-)

historical attic room looking out on the sea to sailboat

What do you think?!?  In your next home would you love an attic room?

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Make Your Backyard COZY with a Swing or Hammock!

Hey Friends!

Alright, is there anyone else out there that REFUSES to think about back to school stuff.  I am still in peak SUMMER MODE :-)

And to go along with my denial of it already being AUGUST, I wanted to post some of the loveliest summer outdoor swings, hammock and landscape ideas!

I think this is brilliant!!!  I could sit around that fireplace for hours and just swing away :-)

What do you think of this treehouse/hammock arrangement!?  I think it looks like a lot of fun :-)

You can add some hanging lights to make the perfect little area for your hammock. 


Even adding some smaller twinkle or clear Christmas lights really add ambiance.  It almost looks magical :-)

This fireplace/hammock area looks so relaxing!

And then we have the uber creative "free pallet" design people!  I love it!

What a place to escape too!  I am sure the view is beautiful and you could just read in the shade for the whole afternoon.  (because you don't have any responsibility/kids/housework or anything like that keeping you from having to work - right? wink wink)


I bought this XXL Hand Woven Hammock last June and LOVE LOVE it!  It's absolutely the best and my kids enjoy it as much as us adults do.  It's big and can actually hold 4 people. (If you wanted - hee,hee)

As you can see, next to our hammock is an outdoor sports pickleball court but you can easily get creative and make your OWN backyard games!  I love this simple tic tac toe design :-)

I'm not sure where to buy round black and white markers but making a checkers pad would be REALLY easy with colored landscape tiles :-)


This outdoor CHESS game area is simply fantastic! (or obviously, for those not as interested in chess, you can play hop scotch - ha!)

traditional home

There you have it my friends!  Hopefully lots of fun inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! Have a great week :-)

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