What Happens When You Use a Bike as a Sink?

Ah, sometimes the CREATIVITY of people blow me away!

I so enjoy people who think outside the box.  I wanted to show you some of the best recycled home decor items I have seen lately.

Does anyone have a cool old fashion BIKE they were thinking of getting rid of? :-)

benjamin bullins

You could also find old unique bikes on Craigslist for not a lot of money.  I love how they used the front basket for washcloths.  

What about using vintage truck springs as your barstool base? 

It really looks great with the weathered wood kitchen island.  

Here they used a giant farm sink transformed into a unique bathroom statement. 

How about these re purposing items in home decor:

This person took a cattle trough and installed a fiberglass liner in it. (She said the whole thing cost her 90 bucks!)  I could definitely see this in a farmhouse style home.

Kim from Baileywife had an old water trough and her young son made it into a great console table! I love the wheels he added to it.

How fun is that?

What do you think about using old wash-bins and turning them into chic light fixtures?

Creative - huh.  

One of my own TRASH to TREASURE or recycling projects was when I ran across this old 1970's painting.  

It was huge and I just knew I could create something cool out of it.  It didn't hit me as to what I would do with it until I started taking apart an old hanging seashell decoration.  I knew I could create something either completely dorky (that looked like a potato chip collage) or something totally fun.  

I'm hoping you all think it turned out fun :-)

You can see the entire 1970's painting turned eclectic art tutorial here.

OLD painting for 20 bucks at thrift store.

Capri Shell hanging 1970's fixture for 7 bucks :-)

Turned into a large eclectic piece of art!

It really make our master bedroom fun!

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  1. These are so fun Selina. We are finishing our basement...maybe Stu will like to find some cool salvage thing to put in the bathroom :) BTW, I love the clay walls in your bedroom, they look so buttery and delicious!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it meredith! I bet he could find something unique and salvage to put in the bathroom :-)


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