Simple Ideas to Add Character to Your Home for Not a Lot of Money

Hey Friends!

Every once in a while I run across a picture and think,

Wow, that really wasn't hard to add to a home but it gives the it character and creates such a CUSTOM and UNIQUE feel.

For example: I love the added wooden beams, without them, this home would look just like any other "nice" home.

One of my very favorite items I implemented into my home was this iron window.  The iron window itself was custom made for only $375.00 and honestly, I don't think it cost me anything extra in having them install it in the wall.  It was put into the floor plans from the very beginning.

All to say, I was able to add tons of character to my home for not a lot of money.

When I titled my blog Creative Juices for Decor THAT was my goal.  I am always wanting to give you guys inspiration and creativity for all of your home projects. :-)

What about adding real brick as your front entry flooring?  I know this house is pretty elaborate but even in an "average" home, if this was done right, it could really add some fantastic character!

I also loved the idea of applying natural stone cladding or faux brick paneling to a wall.  It will add a unique look to your home without adding a lot to your budget.

Maybe you aren't a fan of brick but you love natural stone.  It doesn't have to be a super expensive thing to add stone (or a stone veneer) to just ONE wall of your home. Lowes put on a super simple YouTube video showing an easy way to do a stone veneer interior wall, but really, just think about is the same principle as adding tile to a wall.....not hard at all and the OUTCOME? Worth it :-)

How about this project that you can do for PENNIES :-)  hee,hee.....I actually really like the penny back splash they did.  Plus they implemented just ONE brick wall (to add character) and the concrete counter tops are always fun.  

We did concrete counter tops in one of our homes and I wrote a great article telling the pros and cons of each type of kitchen counter top application. 

This picture below is a similar idea to the first one I showed you guys.  My guess is this isn't actually structural, it's just decorative but it sure adds a lot of character to this home!

And lastly, this picture is just GORGEOUS.  They used reclaimed barn wood as their stairs.  I think what makes this so spectacular is the mix of the OLD with the NEW.  :-)

Is anyone inspired?!?  

Use this post to pin ideas on any future home building plans.  Some ideas are simple, but do require a little planning in the beginning stages of home design :-)

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  1. Hi Selina,
    Love the faux beams and wooden stairs! I would add those if I could. All these examples are wonderful.


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