CUTEST Christmas Ornaments from Nature

Hey Friends!

I have a new love for PINE CONES.  Yep, after I saw these Christmas ornament crafts I wanted to go out and collect every pine cone within a 5 mile radius of my house - ha!

Leave it to Martha Martha Martha :-)

These pretty much just consist of pine cones, pipe cleaners and felt!

These owl pine cones looked VERY doable as a kid craft - you could have your kids make them for their school teachers - add the school name and year on them :-)

Or if owls weren't your thing - how about this reindeer pine cone! Kids would have a blast making it.


OK, I guess this next set is from Pottery Barn but I think all of you Creative Juices Readers could create a knock off - right? :-)  Maybe we just use some modeling clay like Sculpey that hardens in the oven for the cute creature face.  We could do that! (I have faith in all my readers as you can tell - hee,hee)

This is ADORABLE! 

How about making a pine cone garland?  I love the woodsy look.

Or even a bit better :-) A birch wood bark garland!  You can see my full post on ways to use birch wood in your home decor.

These raffia and star twig ornaments looked really fun to make too.


This wooden heart ornament is so simple yet really pretty and rustic!  Can you imagine a tree full of the hearts and pine cones? You could top it off with a birch bark garland :-)

The next time I see an acorn tree I will know what to do with all the acorns I pick up!

Isn't that pretty! - and very simple to make.


There you have it!  A bunch of great ornament ideas simply made from nature.  I hope you enjoyed getting inspired as much as I did. :-)

Which one do you think you'll try?

Have a great weekend!

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