Sleeping Porch and Other Sunroom Covered Porches

I want a sleeping porch!

Simply Awesome. :-)

Could you just imagine snuggling up watching a thunderstorm roll through or shooting stars?

The only thing I would change is I'd make it a giant feather bed :-)

And I suppose if you wanted to have a sleepover party you could set up MANY swinging sleeping porch beds - hee,hee!

Just imagine how much fun it could be jumping from bed to bed - ha! :-)

 photographed by Quentin Bacon.

I don't know why, but where I live, we hardly have ANY sunrooms.  /-:

They are so wonderful though......I wish I had one!


What do you think of this shabby chic covered porch?!  I could hang out in here for a long time.

I find that wicker elements always looks fantastic on a porch. (And so does a pitcher of fresh lemonade - hee,hee)

I love how they include greenery on the porch.  It adds so much warmth.

Do you have a sunroom?  Do you use it a lot?

Come follow along! Enjoy your weekend!

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White Window Trim Verses Brown Metal Trim

Hey Friends!

Have you ever looked at a home and you thought "Humm, I really enjoy that look.....I wonder what I LIKE about it?"

Well, when I was building our home there was one construction detail that I kept noticing I was drawn to whenever I saw a home constructed with it.  It was:


Let me show you some windows and you can see what I mean. :-)

White Trim Windows
(I love the white on coastal homes!)

Metal or Brown Trim Windows
(I prefer this look when doing a craftsman/rustic exterior)

Although normally the brown grid is fabricated in metal or painted wood (quite a bit more expensive than vinyl) you can get the LOOK by ordering your vinyl window package (yes, it's a small upgrade) in a bronze painted finish.  

This isn't the best picture of my dark bronze window trim but I think you can imagine the difference between the bronze instead of a white grid/border.  I chose a dark painted wood trim border around it so the bronze melts right into the brown wood instead of a white grid that would be in contrast to it.

Windows can be made from wood, aluminum, steel, or vinyl.  But for this post I decided it would be fun to focus on industrial modern beauties, otherwise know as brown metal trimmed windows. :-)

Almost always, when you see industrial style decor, you will see the bronze metal window trim used.

I love the windows and the concrete walls in this kitchen!

These sliding metal doors to the sun room are gorgeous!

Norman Askins
LOVELY bronze french doors :-)

Designer Jackye Lanham 

Designer Jackye Lanham 

Large metal windows used in the dining room.

Oh man, what's not to love about this kitchen?!  This is an example of how the general "industrial" look can also be more traditional. 


Ah, I LOVE the arched design!  That is another plus when using metal windows, you can span a large area letting in a TON of light because of the load bearing properties of metal.  


The bronze doors/windows are almost a side glance with all the beauty of this home!  

What a VIEW!  Thanks to the metal windows, the entire wall is pretty much freed up.  

Another dark window grid along with wooden beams :-)

House Beautiful

Are you starting to like the dark grid windows??  :-)

Here is a view of the area above from the outside.  Wonderful!

I really have a "thing" for mixing the OLD with the NEW :-)

I love the iron chandelier mimicking the iron of the windows. Oh, and look at that awesome brick floor!

This picture below was labeled "Modern Farmhouse"  

You have this gorgeous wooden table with iron lantern lights and then BAM - see through plastic chairs :-)

Alright - I really need to stop!  This post just keeps going and going!!!

Oh, just ONE pretty little bronze metal window setting:-)

So what are your thoughts?

I know using METAL (or wood) is a LOT more expensive than vinyl, but that's why you could just upgrade to a bronze PAINTED vinyl grid OR just do the metal around a special area or entry.

I find it amazing how dramatically different just the color of a window could make a home!

Did you already notice that construction detail on other people's homes?

Have a wonderful weekend!

If you guys ever have any decor/design questions.....feel free to ask me and maybe I'll do a post on it for  you!  Don't miss out on any other posts - I'd love to have you sign up to receive my once a week home decor inspiration :-)

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Kitchens In All Colors of the Rainbow

Hi Friends!

Kitchens nowadays seem to be the center place of a home.  For some reason, company always enjoys hanging out in the kitchen......could it be because there is FOOD in the kitchen ;-)

So, for today's post I thought it would be fun to show you how to pull off a kitchen in EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW :-)

Rightly, let's begin with a RED accent kitchen in a Retro French Country accent!  The red stove along with the checkered black and white floor really make a statement.

On Pinterest, they said this kitchen below was done in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (Emperor's Silk)


Next up.....ORANGE:-)

Alright, I didn't find an entire orange kitchen but this one uses beautiful bright orange accents.  I love it against all the white.  This kitchen has a slight farmhouse style. 

midwest living

Oh, never is an all orange kitchen!


I really love the color yellow, maybe because it's such a happy color.  You can choose a nice subtle yellow or go bold if that fits your personality.  Either way, it's going to look sunny! 

country living

house home

Gratifying GREEN

This green cabinet and yellow island kitchen is quite simple and homey.  


This green kitchen has a lot of farmhouse charm and uses antique furniture style cabinets.

Beautiful BLUE

This is such a soft, muted blue!  I am surprised at how much I like painted blue cabinets.

This blue reminds me of a coastal home - very sea like.  

And for more of a true, bright blue....I bring you this :-)


And lastly.....the color PURPLE.  

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the purple with the deep espresso colored wooden beams!

This last kitchen looks as if it is wood that might be stained with a deep purple undertone.  Either way (a true purple or not)  I'm adding this to our "color of the rainbow" kitchen post! :-)

What is your favorite kitchen?!

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A Fun Way to Save - Groupon Coupon

Hey Friends!

Just a little mid-week savings post.

Groupon contacted me and wanted to know if I would share with you guys about their newest saving extravaganza :-)

I know my readers highly value and enjoy finding a bargain so I thought you guys would be interested in it.

Simply put......

Groupon Coupons is a new way to save at Groupon. Unlike the traditional Groupon model, you don't have to buy anything to use's just a big database of free coupons!

 They have over 55,000 coupons from more than 8,000 stores, and always adding new ones.

For all you awesome home fixer uppers I did a little research :-)

 Home Depot  had some great in-store offers and coupons listed.  It was nice to see all their promotions in one spot.

Brown Jordan - Home Depot exclusive patio sets

Another one of my favorites was finding Amazon coupon codes!  They had a coupon code for 20% off any pair of Amazon shipped shoes.

Steve Madden Sandal

Oh shoot, that had nothing to do with home decor - hahaha!  I do enjoy my shoes :-)

Sears had a coupon code for $35.00 off $300.00 patio furniture.

All to say, if we can be smart and save on something we were already going to purchase it's a win win!

AND, since I can't leave you guys without some Eye Candy, how about some beautiful outdoor settings.  It's finally warming up over here in the Northwest!

I love all the added texture with the brick and wood beams!

I can't wait till my own pergola vines start to GROW!

elle decor

Have you noticed all the LANTERNS in these photos!?  You can check out my fun How to Decorate with Lanterns post for all kinds of additional inspiration. 

It has been AMAZING spring weather over here in Idaho - probably record setting.  I like it :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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