Our Sweet Little Cock-a-mutt Puppy :-)

Well, I am not quite sure how it happened......

But we got ANOTHER dog.

What if I just told you guys that I wanted another one so my house could look SUPER SNAZZY like the ones below?

Now if I could only get my husband to dress like that too,  HAHAHA!  For anyone who knows my husband, that is NOT ever going to happen :-)

Anyway, that wasn't why we got her :-)

We got it for my daughter.  (What we do for our children, huh.)

A little puppy for a little girl :-)

Two little sleepy heads :-)

We were told it was a Cockapoo (insert huge laugh) but once we got to the ladies house, it didn't matter if it was a cock-a-mutt......my daughter fell in love and we paid the Cockapoo price. :-) (I'm pretty sure it's a Lab Cocker Spaniel mix)

She's adorable and a great puppy.  

 I'm firmly believing that our TWO dogs will add lots of PIZAZZ to any home decor photo I display on the blog. Hee,hee.

I mean you have to agree, my Persian rug looks so much fancier with her on it - right?? Bwwahahahah!

Here's to all the parents out there that never wanted ANY pets but keep adding to the list because, well.........you know. :-)


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Candy Cake, Crafts and Party Ideas - Teenager on Pinterest

Hi Friends!

One of my most viewed posts this past year has been what my teenager daughter has discovered,  made and pinned on Pinterest. :-)

The Sunshine Box or Golden Birthday gift idea has been a huge hit.

Her latest Pinterest adventure was making a CANDY CAKE!  It was pretty simple. (Although she decided to make her cake and frosting from SCRATCH.  Who does that anymore?  - OH, a teenager who has a lot of time on her hands - hee, hee.)  

Kit Kat and M&M Cake

She used a bread loaf pan so it would be the correct height of the Kit Kat bars.  She said that if she made it again, she would use brown chocolate frosting instead of white butter cream so that it would blend in more with the chocolate bars.

The top was sprinkled with M&M's - SO yummy!!

Also on her Pinterest Boards were these fun young teenager ideas :-)

"Simply cut a long strip of stretchy knit fabric, tuck it under a toe then twist above foot 3-4 times.  Wrap behind the ankle, bring to front and secure with a knot."

This could be a really fun party idea.....paint toes and then make Bali sandals!

One Charming Party

This crayon art seemed very affordable for a teenager or even college dorm room!  You simply hot glue crayons in any shape and then BLOW DRY them to let the wax flow!

This could be used for a "You color my life" party!

College Gloss

So Love That

I can't finish this post without showing you what she posted to her FOOD board.   She said this is what she plans to make NEXT! 

Yes, the "Mother of ALL OREOS"  (obviously, she does not worry about the "Mother of all Thighs" at her age - hee,hee)

 Last year she made these Sprite and Gummy Bear Popsicles......yes, she has definitely advanced to the next stage of life LOL.

And lastly, she informed me that when she is an adult, this is what she plans to do.  That makes me smile.  OK my dear, go for it! :-)

There you have it!  What goes on in the mind of a teenager on Pinterest!

My favorite is the candy cake. (Right next to the trampoline bed - shhhhhh) You could make it for any birthday party and I'm sure it would be a huge hit.  (Not only CAKE but a CANDY CAKE!) ;-)

What was your favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend you guys!

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AWESOME Outdoor Movie Screen Ideas for Summer

Hey Friends!

I don't know about where you live, but over here in Idaho we are having a total heat wave!  Summer is hitting us a MONTH earlier than normal!

I found these GORGEOUS outdoor movie theater ideas on Pinterest and wanted to share.

What do you think of this?  You could add your movie screen over the fireplace of your outdoor entertainment area!

OHHH YESS!!! A movie screen inside of your GAZEBO! <3

huffington post - Ancaster Design Group

Or better yet, a MOVIE while swimming in your backyard pool! :-)

I'm laughing a bit at how unrealistic these photos are for us "common folks" :-)

Alright, let's add some "LET'S GET REAL" backyard movie theater set up pictures! :-)

I happen to have a REALLY good let's get real photo for you guys - hee,hee :-)

We had to put our theater screen in our shop because it was STILL as bright as noon at 9pm and I was not going to allow a group of 10 year old boys to stay up till 1am just to watch a movie outside.  (I know, lame mom LOL)

We actually bought an outdoor theater screen but I know you can make these with PVC pipes and white vinyl or canvas clothes. 

(click to see link)

I found this great informational blog post on all kinds of simple DIY ideas on how to make an outdoor theater

If you are looking to buy one, you can really get a good deal on Amazon! They aren't even THAT expensive. Oh, this could be a great Father's Day Gift idea! 

I LOVED this idea!  
It's like a bird feeding pergola movie theater - hee,hee. 

Just pull the screen down for some great backyard movies!  When the screen is UP, you can just become a birdwatcher ;-)

Oh my, we just did our first Star Wars Trilogy marathon with the kids last month.  I think it was too much for my 7 year old as the "This is no cave" scene had her LITERALLY FLYING off my lap and crying hysterically.  We didn't let her watch the other ones after that. (OOPS! My bad)

This looks like so much fun though!

I now want to set up my screen, snuggle with a blanket and watch a movie tonight :-)

Who wants to join me?  :-)

What do you guys think of investing in an outdoor movie theater this summer!?!  Would you make your own or just buy one? :-)

EASY Crockpot Fiesta Chicken Dinner - Three Ingredients SO GOOD!

Hey Friends!

Alright - this is SOOOOOOO easy and delicious - don't just pin this on your "try recipe" board
make it TONIGHT!  :-)
(OK, and pin it to your recipe board LOL)

EASY Crockpot Fiesta Chicken Dinner using just THREE ingredients:

3 Chicken breast 
1 box cream cheese
1.5 cups Salsa

That is the BASIC and I have made it that way and my entire family LOVED it but I can also make it "superfied" ;-)

Oh my word, I forgot to show the salsa!  Oh well, you guys still love me, right?:-)

Can Add Extras:

1 can black beans
1 can corn (or frozen corn)
Fiesta (or regular) Ranch seasoning mix
1 can green chilis or real peppers!

Cook LOW for 6-8 hours (best) or High 4 hours
Take a fork and shred up the chicken while mixing it all together!

You can either put this over rice OR wrap in a tortilla. Top with cilantro or avocados!

TA DA :-)  

An amazing dinner that you spent 10 min in the morning putting together. (isn't it the BEST when you come home from a long day to the aroma of something DELICIOUS!)

Let me know if you make this and what you think!

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