What Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out Above the Rest!

We have all heard that first impressions count.  Well, when it comes to home decor, I'm a believer :-)

Along with your entry, the kitchen makes such a statement in your home.  One item that we usually don't think much about is the kitchen sink but WOW, there are some really great sinks out there that can give your kitchen that amazing first impression SHAZAM you are looking for. :-)

One of my favorite kitchen sinks is the single bowl farmhouse style.  (And if it happens to be in hammered copper I'm drooling) ;-)

hammered kitchen sink farmhouse style

SOOOOOO pretty!

hammered copper kitchen sink

Not only does the kitchen sink stand out, the chevron wood floor and the unique tile backsplash adds a lot of pizazz.

white kitchen with copper sink

And if your kitchen has more the stainless silver feel to it, how about this hammered NICKEL!

hammered nickel farmhouse sink

I think up next (in order of my wish list) would be a stone sink :-)

Pretty stuff - huh :-)

grey stone kitchen sink with apron

I'm not sure if this next sink is stone (maybe solid onyx?) but it looks stunning with the wood countertops. 

onyx sink with wooden counter tops

This deep kitchen sink makes a fun first impression - I love the lines it creates by coming out just a bit from the counters.

unique black farmhouse sink with white cabinets

Which kitchen sink was your favorite?

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The Best of UNIQUE Kitchen Eating Spaces.

Hey Friends!

I find it very interesting how as the years progress, the kitchen has become more and more the CENTER OF THE HOME!  Just think about the 1930's, kitchens were placed at the opposite end of the house as the dining area.  Even as recently as the 1970's early 80's the kitchen design was still kept in its separate walled off location with possibly only a pass through window.

Today, kitchens are completely open and are located in the heart of the home.  It really is the most lived in space nowadays.  I wonder if it will ever go back to the closed off designs......I'm guessing it won't :-)

I've never seen a kitchen like the one below but I am REALLY liking it!  It seems like a fantastic use of space.  I am also loving the soft muted blue against the dark wood and then the white cabinets behind.

What do YOU think?!

Once again we see a very MUTED color against a white cabinet set up.  I REALLY like how much character that piece brings into the kitchen.  I suppose I love anything that looks a bit weathered and old and resembles a barn :-)  My grandparents had a farm so I had many fun years playing in the haystacks!


I've always enjoyed this space saving kitchen eating design.  It seems quite practical.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this next kitchen.  I find it very unique though and it takes the "lounging around in the kitchen" to a new dimension :-)

I have to giggle a bit that they incorporated a LADDER into their kitchen design.  Why wouldn't they enjoy jumping up on their counter like I do to reach those high cupboards? hee,hee.  

What do you think of this combined island/breakfast table?  Pretty smart - huh.  Oh and hey, they used that muted green/blue color again! (Guess it's the trend right now) :-)

Have a GREAT weekend my friends!  

I hope I've inspired some new kitchen ideas and designs!

Let me know what you think :-)

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Fess Up Friday - We Made it Through the Summer :-)

Hey Friends!

Well I'm not positive this post deserves a FESS UP status but there are a few silly things in here. ;-)

For those with kids in school, 
HOW was their first day?!!

It's always a bit nerve wracking for ME as a mom hoping the day goes well.  (Especially now that I have one entering HIGH SCHOOL!)

But here's my youngest on her first day of school. :-)  I kept asking her, "Are you SURE you want to wear that?"

As you can tell, she thought she looked PERFECT in the hot pink tutu skirt and polka dot shoes SHE picked out! :-0

And then it's always fun see what they learned......She announced as I picked her up that she now knows how to braid.  (I guess you can get a bit bored just sitting in your desk listening to your teacher.)

My son also had a birthday this summer - he had 4 boys over to spend the night.  Once they all left, I found him SOUND ASLEEP on the bar stools.  I was totally freaked out he would fall and break his arm or something......but I wasn't worried enough not snap a picture first - hahahaha!

His older sister made him this ice cream sandwich cake - it was SOOOOO good and made simply with a box of ice cream sandwiches, real whip cream and kit kats on top. (oh and that chocolate magic shell drizzled all over it!)

I made it my goal this summer to do weekly home workouts in our backyard with the kids - they actually would ask for them!  (That is a group shot of us all sweating!) 

My son took up the sport of PICKLEBALL with me!  We played ALL summer long!  That picture was from our local paper - once again I was in the paper for pickleball (just makes me laugh!)

I wish I could say I took home as many medals as he did in the big pickleball tournament but he KILLED the competition taking home a gold and silver! (I took home a bronze) :-)

Look how small he is compared to the other men......he's so cute - hee,hee. 

(oh and for those friends getting EXCITED and my mom FREAKING out.....that's not a tattoo, it's athletic tape for my tennis elbow issue) ;-)

And lastly, I can't forget to update you about the puppy.  She made it through the summer in flying colors.  She FINALLY got our old grumpy dog to like her and remains the sweetest little cuddle bug in the family!

There you have it my friends!  I'm ready to tackle a new school year!

I have a really fun design post going out next week revolving around THIS kitchen picture - isn't that fantastic!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I do hope the first week of school went well for those that had it!

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Decorating for FALL! Ideas and Inspirations

Hey Friends!

Somehow, September hits and then BAM, it feels like FALL where I live!

I already have one little munchkin in school and this Tuesday 2 more will start.  It's crazy that I have a kid starting high school.  WHAAAA?  Dang it, I still feel like I'm 20, but I suppose I am OLD now ;-)

Along with the season comes gorgeous fall colors.  It's fun to be able to light the fireplace and candles!

Southern Living


I LOVE all the WARM autumn colors that pop up out of no where in nature.  I personally tend to decorate around warm Autumn colors......colors that make you feel cozy and ready to cuddle up by the fire. :-)  Add a cute fluffy dog and your set - haha! You can see the entire Tuscan living room transformation by clicking on the link. :-)

This Autumn living room setting is wonderful.  I SOOOO need a glass of wine and a good book, and then I plan to snuggle in the chair below and listen to peaceful music :-)  Come and join me!

Golden Boys and Me

I love the subtle orange pumpkins and leaves that were added to this living room.  Perfect Fall accents!

Stone Gable Blog

Notice the natural elements like the distressed wood and displayed fall leaves.  The splashes of orange burlap pillows are perfect.  I'm just going to ignore the hanging spider art - hee,hee.  That did nothing for me! (except make me want to RUN away!)

The orange lamps and greenery really make this space homey.

Isn't this entry way so inviting!  Her whole home was GORGEOUS!  Take a look at her blog for lots of inspiration :-)

Stone Gable Blog

These next two pictures speak for themselves - classic fall color scheme!

I love the BOLD move of the orange sofa :-)  It works so well with the green walls and neutral floor.  

What do you think of the WARM color tones? Inviting or just not your thing?

I always find it fascinating how color can have such an effect on how it makes you feel in a home!

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