Getting Crafty with Birch Logs

Hey Friends!

In my last post, I showed you how I used birch logs in my own home decor.  (I LOVE birch logs!)

I had fun looking around seeing how other people used logs in their home.

What about using the logs to fill an ENTIRE unused fireplace.  What a wonderful and warm statement it creates!  It brings life back into a very white surrounding.

I love how they played up the fact that the birch logs are white and put them against the red poinsettias. A very fun winter decor idea!

You can use these birch logs as table decor - vases, centerpieces anything!


My friend just send me a picture of a gift she got. She said the log was simply hollowed out and a pretty plant put in.  :-)  She mentioned that the "pot" is porous but it's stayed alive and she LOVES it!  Isn't that a fun gift idea!

This is her friends centerpiece in her own home that she made. :-)

This is a very traditional way to use the birch logs - just take a drill bit that makes a hole and put in your own votive candles!


How about putting tea lights horizontally on the log!  This would looks so pretty along the center of a rustic set table.


What do you think!  I would add just a bit more of the greenery under the logs.

And since we're talking about candles and using natural (maybe even free) resources, this is one of my favorite candle making project - come stop by and check out the easy ice candle tutorial :-)

Have you ever made anything out of birch logs? Are you one of the lucky ones who have a birch tree in your yard?

Tell us in the comments!

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