New Year - New Living Room

 Welcome to 2016!!

Due to some unfortunate puppy events - I had to buy new living room furniture. (and replace a few eaten Christmas presents - ha!)

All I can say, is I must REALLY love my daughter, not the dog, my daughter, to put up with everything that that puppy has chewed and eaten.

See, it's HER puppy......we definitely didn't get another dog so that I could care for just ONE.....MORE.....THING.  (ha, I sound like a puppy scrooge, I'm not, promise, it's just I can only handle SO much ruin) :-)

I am not joking when I say she is probably on her 15th pair of eaten shoes (if you include this summer's flip flops it's more like 20!) It's like she has this stinky feet's actually quite bothersome - LEAVE OUR SHOES ALONE! ;-)

But it was coming home to THIS that really made me have to apply my de-stressing breathing techniques. (ha, I know there is such a thing like that but I'm not sure I know how to do it)  It's just called yelling for me - that seemed to de-stress me just fine. ;-)

You are a BAD BAD puppy.  (sigh, she KNOWS it too and immediately will roll over on her back with her feet just sticking up in the air.)  /-:

She chewed on every corner of our coffee table AND a section of our beautiful area rug.  WAAAH!

It doesn't matter that I got both those items off Craigslist for a GREAT price (although that helps a tiny bit) BUT, now I have to get a new table.

I searched on CL for quite a while until I just accepted that OLD HONEY OAK was taking over North Idaho. Next I looked around in the local stores but things I didn't really like cost 200 and the things I DID like cost 2000.  I ended up searching online and buying the table below off Overstock for $198.00 (total, including shipping)  I didn't want to spend a lot (Christmas time is always tough to spend extra money!) and I thought it was a good deal.

I REALLY wish it was a bit darker but that's the hard part with buying online....your computer screen rarely shows the true color.  Bummer.

It works though and I DO like it :-)  Someday when my ship comes in and the puppy is in dog heaven (ie I don't have to worry it will get eaten) I will buy a really nice one that is "perfect" :-)  (I hope you guys don't think I'm bad, as insane as I might sound, I actually really like this dog.)

I also ended up doing something I should have done a long time ago to the area rug.  I got an AWESOME rug pad.  Man, it makes the rug feel so cozy! Instead of feeling hard wood under it, it feels like a plush carpet.  As an interior designer I have known that having an area rug directly on top of wood can cause problems.  One of the most common problems is the fact that bottom of the rug (which easily collects dirt under it) can act like a fine grit sandpaper to your wood floor.  It's just best to take care of your investment and make sure to do it right.  The folks from sent me a pad and I've been thrilled with it. If you've been putting off getting a rug pad, they gave me this coupon that you guys can use :-)

Thank you Rug Pad USA!

Enter: PR15OFF for a 15% discount on all orders

So anyway, I just took apart the whole room, laid down the rug pad, put the chewed section of the rug behind the sofa and was good to go.  Whatever dumb dog. :-)

OLD table:

NEW table:

What do you think of the new table?  Do you have your own puppy horror stories?  They sure can be cute little bundles of trouble, can't they? :-)

Here's to an AWESOME 2016 
(and to puppies turning into dogs) ;-)

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  1. Looks awesome! What a cute puppy! How could you be mad at that face? :)


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