Make Your Own PURE Sugar and Alcohol Free Vanilla Extract

Hey Friends!

I've been making my own vanilla extract for a few years.
I guess it's time to show you guys - hee,hee.

In general, the pure vanilla extract you get in the stores is vanilla beans/pods soaked in alcohol.  I make mine sugar free by soaking them in vegetable glycerin.

Before you get all weird on me and think I've gone off my rocker, vegetable glycerin is super sweet - it's like a syrup!   Yummy!

The vanilla beans cost me $12.00 for 10 beans.  I put 5 beans in each 8 ounce jar.
The glycerin cost me $6.00 for 16 ounces.

make your own pure vanilla extract save money

(Picture shows cut open pods with the beans on the side.)

So,  it cost me $9.00 for an 8 ounce jar of great quality SUGARFREE homemade vanilla extract. (I made 2 jars)  To buy organic (alcohol) pure vanilla online the same size is around $15.00 each.

OK, so there isn't a HUGE difference but it's pretty cool to make your own and we really like being pretty cool.  (ha!  I am so not cool, just see all my Fess Up posts to verify)

So without further ado, here is the world's simplest recipe for making your own.

Use 2 jars about 8 oz each or one big jar of 16 oz.

Score the pods lengthwise and scrap out the little beans.

Pour the glycerin into the bottles

Add cut up pods and the scraped beans in the jar.

Let sit for at least 6 weeks in your pantry before using.

I found the best prices for food grade glycerin at (yes, it will look like a face product but I promise you, it's food grade)

And I actually found a better price than I just bought the beans for off Amazon (10 for 8.00 instead of 12.00 off eBay)

So NOW, if you buy them off these links you can make an 8 oz jar for 7.00 - That's more than 1/2 price if you bought it pre-made with the alcohol base.  That's really good LOL!

recipe for vanilla extract sugarfree

(This will turn a LOT darker over time.......I JUST made that bottle, you can see an AGED bottle in the first picture on the far right. :-)

I hope you have fun making it!  Let me know if you already do this or what your thoughts are :-)


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