Like my blog suggests, I am all about stirring those CREATIVE JUICES for your home decor. I am ALWAYS on a treasure hunt to find awesome products at fantastic prices. 

So, with this store, I did the hard work for you guys!   (Why is one awesome candlestick $200.00 and the other $40.00?  I'll show you guys the awesome $40.00 one) :-) These are CLASSIC accessories/home decor that will work in most any home.

Feel free to read my incredibly informational posts on TOP 5 interior design secrets to get you in the mood to change up your home decor and DO IT RIGHT! :-)

This is a clients home where she bought items off CJD Store:

Before and After

Clock and Greenery

Candlesticks and wall sconces

Many items like the setup below

Selina - Interior Designer - Creative Juices Decor

These are from my Amazon Affiliate Store - Thank you for your support of this blog.

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