Cinnamon Elmers Glue Ornaments

I believe I have a re-occurring theme on my blog….easy, simple and fast. At least when it comes to recipes/crafts.

This is one of my all time favorites. The smell of cinnamon and spices just add so much to the holiday spirit. 

First, get ready for your house to smell deliciously like Christmas. 

Second, turn on the Christmas music.

Ok now you are ready (-:

Ingredients:  (not for eating!)

     *  1 1/2 cups (8oz) ground cinnamon (can add dash of nutmeg/cloves –whatever you want!)
     *  1 cup applesauce (store bought works best)
     *  1/3 cup white school glue (Elmer's or other brand)

Simply mix these 3 ingredients together.  (my kids went crazy with wanting to "mix" it with their hands!) After it's mixed plop it down onto wax paper (or the counter) and use extra cinnamon to "flour" working area especially if dough is a little sticky. Lightly knead the dough.

Roll out to 1/4" (this picture is too thin, mine should have been thicker) and use Christmas cookie cutters for your shapes.

Use a straw for poking a hole on the top.

Let them dry for about 4 days turning them over at least once a day.  If you want to speed up the process you can bake for an hour at 200 F and let air dry 24 hours after that.  I did one batch in the oven and the other on a cooling rack.  The air drying on a cooling rack turned out looking more "professional" but if this is just a fun craft for kids who cares.   Actually I just let mine cool after the hour of baking and the kids painted on them right away.  What kid can wait 4 days to finish a project!

Once dry feel free to paint them using puffy paint or glitter paint.  Or make it really easy on yourself and just personalize it with a Sharpie pen! (they have cool silver sharpies that would really look nice!)

Be sure and check out your local dollar store for cheap cinnamon.  Usually you can find a big bottle for a dollar.

Gift tag added to my Apple/Pear butter

They make such great gifts to teachers,friends, relatives because the kids made them.  C'mon, nothing melts a grandparents heart like something hand made by their precious grandchildren!

Made by my daughter for grandma.

Here are a few more ideas using your ornaments:

1.) Use them on top of your presents as a gift tag, just write with a sharpie To: and From:
2.) String them through yarn and put them around the lid of your homemade gift can goods. 
3.) I have heard of people decorating a small tree using only these ornaments and when a guest leaves you give them one to take.
4.) Make a complete garland out of them.

Gift tag added to Apple Cider candle


It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to make these. How about hearts for Valentines Day, or flowers for Mother's Day.

Once again - I hope I got your Creative Juices flowing! 

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  1. YURM! Those look awesome, and I have no idea how you did some of those pictures so props for stumping me :) This looks like a fun idea that my kids would totally get into. We don't ever do crafts. I know, I know, I'm a terrible mother wah wah wah.

  2. NO WAY!!! How totally clever! And I bet they smell fantastic! So cool!

  3. SO awesome! And I love your photographs!! Thanks so much for linking this to the Christmas Challenge SFS! -shaunna :)

  4. I have such good memories of when I was young, making these cinnamon ornaments with my mom and sister. I think I might have to carry on this tradition with my kidos. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Im so excited:)

  5. I keep saying I am going to make these with my kids and then I never do. Thanks for the reminder :) Yours are the cutest I have seen. Thanks for linking them up today!

  6. Thank you so much for this post! My Grandma had these on her tree and it smelled fantastic! I had been wondering how to recreate these since she is no longer with us. You have no idea how special this is to me! Merry Christmas!

  7. How cute!!! And there's no way I could wait for 4 days...forget the kids. LOL

  8. will try these one day with the grand kids

  9. My Grandkids are coming in a couple of weeks.....we'll have fun making these for Christmas. Thanks!

  10. me and my sister do these every year with our kids, they love it.

  11. I haven't done these in 6 years. Mainly because i had my last batch for 5-6 years. I put them in plastic baggies and the cinnamon smell lasted a while. The last year that i had them i just threw them in a drawer and just recently they broke. But still smelled amazing. So glad i found this site. I just couldn't remember how to make them. BTW i don't know if i messed up but the "dough" was really sticky, just an idea for everyone else that this might happen to (I ran out of cinnamon...) but i just used some warm water to prevent it from getting too sticky on my hands and work space.

  12. Lovely! Can't wait to make these with my children. Could You tell me what can I use instead of applesauce? We don't have it here and I don't know how thick or juicy it is.
    Thanks :)

    1. Well let's you have apples where you can cook them and make your own sauce? I suppose if you have any fruit that you can turn into a medium thick sauce that would work. I'm at a loss!!! OK I just googled it and here is what someone said off yahoo..."You can slice and peel and apple, put in a covered dish, add just a little water, and microwave for a couple of minutes. Let it cool and blend for applesauce.
      You could use any ground fruit, fruit puree or vegetable that would have a similar texture. Pumpkin, sweet potato, pear sauce, purred peaches, banana, etc." Hope that helps!! Let us know if you make them and how they turn out :-)

  13. It's that time again. I've never made these but saw another recipe recently and then lost it. Glad I found yours! How long did yours last? I see this blog is from 4 years ago so I hope you still have them. I'm going to add some cloves and freshly ground nutmeg to mine. I might make a double batch to put some in every room/closet of the house, as well as on the tree.
    Thanks for this!

    1. I'm glad you found this post - they are so much fun to make. They will last forever as long as you store them so they don't break. You could always make them thicker than the ones I did - they bake longer but they would be sturdier. ENJOY!!!! (cloves and nutmeg would be fantastic!)

  14. Can you glue beads to these or will the cinnamon prevent that?

    1. I think you could glue beads to them....maybe just use hot glue instead of the more watery elmers glue :-)


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