Health Food On a Budget - My Tips and Secrets

I'll just lay it out on the line (or the w.w.w)  I’m cheap. :-)

But in saying that, I will not let my frugality effect how I feed my family.  For myself, health and food choices play a very important role as a wife and mother. 

I still have a long way to go.  I still buy the wrong kind of bread for my kids (they refuse to eat my sprouted grain version!) but my motto is baby steps to better health.  And I’m just fine with that.

Here is some of my “secrets” for buying health food on a budget.

Coconut Oil:

I did a LOT of researching on this one.(in fact, so much research that I may do a whole post about it!)  My final verdict was an internet site SoaperschoiceExtra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.  It comes in bulk but after pouring it into individual glass jars it equaled just under 10 bucks for a 32 oz jar.  Half the price at my local store or other internet prices. 

UPDATE:  Here is my post on Coconut Oil - What to look for and why!

Specialty Health Food Items:

My favorite internet site is  iherb.   I buy almost ALL my stevia products off iherb.  If you enter the code ESE794 you receive 5.00 off your order (no minimum) and they always ship free with a 20.00 order.  I couldn’t believe that my NuNatrals Stevia cost HALF at iherb than my local health food store. (23.00 down to 13.00).  I have bought off iherb every since and LOVE it! 

Healthy Organic Food:

Azure standard is a local co-op.  They have their base in Oregon so this might be just a west coast thing but I am sure with a little research other areas have a similar program. With Azure you sign up (free) and find your local pick up house to pick up your order that you place on their internet site.  Usually it’s a once or twice a month pick up. The prices are generally better than the local stores. When fresh fruit is in season they have fantastic deals on organic crops. 

 The Grocery Outlet chain has all their organic food on top of their freezer section in the center of the store.  I LOVE trying new organic products for a price I can afford! (Usually half off the original prices) Just don’t fall in love with any particular product because they rarely have the same item in stock again!

Gluten Free Flours or Coconut products:

Usually Asian market stores will carry lots of gluten free products! In general these stores are located in larger cities but with some research you might find a store close to your more suburban location.  I buy all my Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour and Potato Flour for a fraction of the price at other stores.   You still have to read labels.  Some of the coconut products like coconut milk have bad preservatives put in them and others don’t.  Coconut sugar or palm sugar is also on the shelf.  It is a low glycemic and nutritious sugar substitute.  It sells for 4x’s the amount at my local health food store!  Once again though, READ THE LABEL!  Some of the palm sugar has cane sugar added. 

There you have it!  Those are my “secrets” Smile

You can check out my healthy recipes and pin them for later!  

Healthy Sugar Free Graham Crackers

Where is your favorite place to shop for good deals on healthy food?  I’d LOVE to hear about it!!

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  1. Great tips! Do you use coconut oil instead of olive oil? Or for specific types of recipes (ie baking vs cooking)?

    1. I use it for just about everything! You can use it instead of butter on your toast even. Olive oil is my second favorite (healthy) oil so for my easy homemade salad dressings I do use olive oil. (oil oil, apple cider vinegar, spices some mustard....) it's tasty!

  2. Reply: Coconut oil can withstand a higher heat than olive oil without breaking down all its nutritious properties so I use it for sautéing up veggies or even frying up a fish. In almost all my baking I use coconut oil - for those that are worried about a coconut taste I don't notice any coconut flavor but I LOVE coconut so I wouldn't be bothered if it did. The benefits of coconut oil are amazing. I really should do a post on coconut oil next! :-)

  3. Tried to find an email for you but couldn't.
    I had to choose 15 up and coming Bloggers to receive this award. You are one of the 15. You can find out what it is all about at my blog.

    You have a lot of cute projects. I look forward to watching your blog blossom.

  4. I have several friends who have switched to Coconut Oil. Would love to learn more about it and how or what you can cook with it. Reading a post about it would be AWESOME!!! Or at least some links to get me started. Thanks!

    1. Just added a link

      That should get you started for sure :-)

  5. Wow! So cool!!! Agree that a "how to" link would be so helpful! :)

  6. My note is that Azure Standard is west coast/western midwest only. I'd love to hear about an east coast version.

    I have found Barry's farm to be great for buying in bulk.

    1. I have a friend who lives on the east coast - I should ask her, see if anything jumps out! There MUST be something :-)

  7. I just found your site and its awesome. thank you. I just wanted to let you know that I too order from Soaper's Choice. Their products are superior to other brands I have tried and talk about dealing with EXTREMELY NICE PEOPLE. The owner is so well informed its amazing. I not only buy the QAI coconut oil, but I buy olive oil, shea butter, beef tallow (best product ever)etc. So worth dealing with this company.

    1. Thanks Colleen for adding information! I'm going to look at the other products they sell now :-)


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