Knit Flowers from Old Sweaters

I am so excited to show you what I did today! 

It all started with this cute little pillow that I got for $2.25.  I just love anything with the color combination of moss green and brown. It’s just so natural, like foliage and dirt. Smile 

plain pillow

In my head I pictured a great big moss green flower to add to the corner so I began my sewing project! 

pillow ruffle

First go through your closet and pick out an old sweater that you kind of like but are needing instant gratification willing to cut up (HAHA, I should have just went to the thrift store and picked up one for 2 bucks, but I wanted to do this project NOW!)  I actually tried on this sweater before cutting it up just to “snuggle” one last time.  Slightly pathetic… was getting old though. For best results wash and dry your sweater a few times before starting the project.  This will get the knit all tight and ready to cut.

knit-ruffles-003knit ruffles 031

Cut a strip about 2-3” wide and 18” long.  (for the outside piece) The inside piece was about 1 1/2“ by 12”.  (For the black rosette it was one strip about 2” x 18”)

Sew on one side in a zigzag stitch. While sewing constantly be stretching out the knit fabric. (just pull it while you stitch) The stretching is what causes the side to ruffle up. The zigzag should be at the very edge of the fabric and can even go slightly over the edge. (sorry I switched to my black sweater knit fabric here!)

knit ruffles 005

I know I’m not suppose to start rambling, but it’s not me to be cut and dry so I’d like to state that this is the FIRST time I have brought out my sewing machine in 6 years!  I am NOT a seamstress and so if I can do this – you can too!  Of course it could have been on a comedy show watching me try to get my thread from the top to the bottom correctly! These pictures were of my very first attempt ever to do this. (you would think I would have taken pictures of my 8th time or something but no, whatcha see is whatcha get) Smile These really are simple and not very time consuming.

See how rippled it leaves the fabric.The stretchier the knit the more defined the ripples will be. (this black wasn’t super stretchy)

knit ruffles 006

Now we sew by hand a simple large or long stitch along the entire bottom edge of the fabric.

knit ruffles 008

Pull that string tight and you should end up with something like this!

knit ruffles 009

Now, after knotting off that end that you just pulled tight, wrap the fabric up in a circle and sew the two ends together.

knit ruffles 010

Grab another small strip of the fabric (or any fabric of your choice) and tie a nice loose knot in the middle of it.  (that is now the center of your flower)  Thread it through the middle of your flower.  You can snip the hanging fabric to fit flat under the flower petals.
knit ruffles 011knit ruffles 012

Ah, now I switched to black and white plaid fabric here!

knit ruffles 018
knit ruffles 013
knit ruffles 015
You can stich the knot on the flower or you can just super glue it in (ya, I took the easy route…..super glue)

I found these button pin things with a latched back at the dollar store so I super glued it to the back and now I had a fun flower broach and a really pretty hair band!

knit ruffles 016
ruffle pin
Yes, that is a picture of me in the mirror. Why is it that I can never find anyone to take a picture! I just stuck the pin on the shirt I was wearing, does it go with my outfit??

aria rufffle pin

OK, OK back to the green flower!  Here it is in all it’s splendor! (you can just under stich the flower to your pillow)

pillow ruffle

 knit ruffles 033

both pillows

I got that other pillow for 2 bucks also.  You can see that Toy Chest re-do post, I just spray painted an old wicker chest I got off Craigslist for 10 bucks.

ENJOY MY FRIENDS, Isn't that flower just the icing on the cake? I hope you try some of these!!!

~Creative Juices Decor~


  1. Very nice! I love the knot for the center of the flower! Great job.

  2. Those are so, so cute! I love them and I love that you are repurposing items. :) LOVE!

  3. I might have to break out my sewing machine for this project! Cute!

  4. Amazing Selina,
    you are so talented I just love what ideas you have and how they turn out GREAT JOB!!!

  5. What a freap idea! Think of how many flowers you could make with one sweater! I see gifts in my families future! Thanks for sharing, I will be giving this a try this weekend.

    Fantastic job, btw...

  6. i love making little fabric flowers to jazz up a shirt, but i never thought of using old sweaters. great idea!

  7. SO cute!! Thanks for coming by Sassy Sites and linking up. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    Don't forget to enter the giveaways...


  8. I love the colors brown and green (foliage and dirt!) also! I really liked the pillow design and the sweater flower is the icing on the cake (working on cake today so I have that on the brain!) I have some older sweaters that are going to find a new life in flowers! Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Very cute! I love using old clothes for crafts (and I'm like you- too impatient to wait for a thrift store trip so would probably cut up something usable, hehe).

  10. This is good stuff Selina.
    Great use of old torn sweaters. Never knew we can be so creative with worn out things. The flower is looking amazing!!!

  11. Multiple usage and looks cute tooo...
    Kids will love making them. Will teach my daughter how to make these cute woolen flowers.

  12. I probably wouldn't make these but I thoroughly enjoyed your tutorial because of the way you write - it was a lot of fun, thank you.

    1. Aww, thank you, that makes me happy :-) I guess a little honesty and being a goofball is good :-)


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