How to entertain your child ALL DAY LONG - Fess Up

We have a dog.  I’ll admit, having a dog (when you have other kids) can sometimes be a pain (I don’t want to clean up my OWN children’s throw up, let alone the dogs!)  But when I realized that my youngest child, who is 4 years younger than the next sibling, had someone (besides myself!) to entertain her, I decided that having a dog is really quite nice.

        Oh the joy of a dog licking your arm!duke and kaelah 034

These two are inseparable ALL DAY, I mean they play outside together, they play dress up, they play hoola hoop, they have conversations, she has learned how to be bossy (she loves all those doggie commands like sit,stay, and come - LOVES them). And when Duke does not obey her they even have their squabbles.  Smile  They watch movies together, and cuddle on the floor with blankets she has carefully laid out for them.  I am telling you, while my other kids are at school, my youngest has a play mate ALL DAY LONG.  (yes, Duke even has to take his nap on her bedroom floor when she has to take hers.) 

quick page collage

.  I am telling you, Duke just sat there, forever, without moving, letting her have tissue paper fun.  He just looked lovingly into her eyes (when he could see her, that is ) and had a yawn or two just waiting for the “hiding behind the tissue paper” game to be over.  She wanted me to take a picture of Duke smiling - I promise, our dog loves her, even if she does pull his hair a little.


For those reading this, slightly disappointed that I didn't give you a real tip on how to entertian your child, I found this fantastic FREE ebook on tons of great playdough recipes.  It comes with step by step and end result picture.  I promise, you'll have hours of entertainment. :-)

Playdough Recipe Book

There you have it. Smile  For those thinking of having another child just so your youngest could have a play mate – think again!  A dog just might do the trick!  (hey, they cost a lot less!!!)

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  1. I'm not gonna lie.... those pictures were so soft and glowing and ALMOST made me want a dog. Almost. My boys would be so insanely jealous if I showed them these pictures. Rowan is stuck torturing his little brother and trying to climb in the tree where the robins live.

    Loved this post!

  2. I loved all the pictures of the dog with your daughter! So cute! What a nice dog! :)

  3. Well she sure does look like she's having a ton of fun and that picture of your dog just sitting there with his face covered in tissue is just priceless! :)

  4. That is so hilarious and adorable!
    Our lab would likely have bounced around and tried to eat the tissues. haha
    I popped over from infarrantly creative, and I LOVE the shell/mosaic mirror. Amazing!

  5. Little man does not have that much fun with our dog. He loves her but can be mean to her too.

  6. That is SO cute. You are super lucky that they get along so well! My dog does NOT like my daughter. Mind you, my daughter is only 11 months old, and doesn't know how to interact with the dog gently, so I can understand my dog's wariness. Every time the baby is "on the loose" (ie. not in my arms), the dog begs to go in the backyard. I'm really hoping that they'll be friends one day. For now, I just make sure the baby doesn't harass the dog, and I encourage it the odd time that the dog shows her affection.

  7. So cute - you have a good dog! Can you tell me what breed he is?

    1. He is a Golden Doodle and has been a fantastic family - highly recommended!


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