A Red Frame for a Friend

I always have fun helping my friends out with design ideas.  I like to tell them the idea and then leave and let them “go for it!” 

One fine day while at my friends house she takes me into the garage and shows me this beautiful painting but tells me she just doesn’t like it anymore.  She wishes she did (they spent a lot of $ on it) but the picture just didn’t pop for her like it did before.  I looked at it and said, well I know what is wrong, the picture needs some excitement and color.  You need to paint it red!  Being that she is a very smart and witty friend she said, I think that’s a great idea, how about if I give it to you and you can fix it up, and when you are finished you can put it on your blog!  Laughing out loud

Hummmmm…….did I mention she has a BLOG OF HER OWN?

Well, I did take it home (I thought about accidently “forgetting” it) but hey, she just had me and my three kids over for lunch and play date.  Just for the MESS she has to clean up after we leave I can paint her frame – right!

So here she is BEFORE:

kira red picture 001

Here she is during the process – it’s easy you guys….just tape off and spray paint.

kira red picture 003

Next I just brushed on and wiped off some espresso colored paint that was mixed with clear glaze (4:1 ratio….lots of glaze, little paint!)  There really isn’t a wrong way to do this….as you can tell, it’s not perfect, just wiped on and after wiping some of the glaze off I used a brush make it look “liney”  (I do know that’s not a word!)  You could spray on a coat of clear polyurethane if you would like right after it dries.  It just makes it a little more durable. 

kira red picture blog1

Here are the AFTER shots! 

kira red picture blog2

kira red picture blog

I’d say it’s a lot better than before – huh??  I really like how it picks up the red in the awning….Red heart

kira red picture 001

Well at least my friend loved her picture and I’ll probably get invited over again.  Winking smile Two pluses! + +

Linking up to YHL - project #126 is adding a surprise color to a frame!

  Till  Next Time! 
 ~ Creative Juices Decor~


  1. Wow...it looks great!!!!

  2. Love it! What a great idea to paint the frame, it's gives such new life to it. Love the glaze as well! :)

  3. Yes, I like how you give me credit for being so smart and witty by letting you do all the work. That was very smart of me.

    And you are AMAZING! I totally love what you did and the fact that you had it done in two hours should go down in the project hall of fame. You are the best, my friend, thank you thank you!

  4. yes, that red really does make the painting *pop*! well done! :)

  5. that turned out really well, I really like that finish. My sister does that too, gives me little projects incase I'm stuck for blog posts, very good of her?!

  6. Wow! What an amazing difference! I'm so inspired to start looking at my pictures and thinking of different colors for the frames.

  7. I love the red! It makes all the difference.


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