A Shopping Guide to Get the Most out of Your Money

It’s no secret that I am frugal, so I thought it would be fun to show you how I stretch my dollar.

Thrift Stores:

I buy almost all my kids clothes at thrift stores.  You can get Gymboree, Gap and all kinds of nice name brand, hardly worn clothes there.  As you know, I find a TON of awesome home décor items from the thrift store also. You can see all my home décor thrift store finds by typing “treasure” in my search box.

Call a few thrift stores and find out when their sale day is.  My favorite thrift store has their ENTIRE store 50% off on Wednesdays.

OK, I know, not sure why I bought this wedding dress but it was so pretty and with tax it was $19.58!  Could I hope that one of my daughters might like it?  Now THAT would save me hundreds!

Garage Sales:

In general, you will get the best prices anywhere on clothes and home décor by shopping garage sales.  Just be willing to wake up early as the good stuff goes fast!
Consignment Stores:

These stores generally only buy expensive name brand clothes from people and then re-sale them.  I think it’s fun to buy items like Lucky Jeans for $13.00 instead of $113.00

Thrift store suit outfit and mega Gymboree sale outfit (if I remember right the dress was $7.00 and the suit outfit was around $6.00)

Discounted Retail stores:

Ross (Tuesdays 10% senior discount)
TJ Maxx
Kohls – awesome end of season sales – 90% off if willing to save for next season
Target – check for 75% off clothing racks (children and adults)
Old Navy – they have 2 big end of season sales which are unbelievable. They are usually in August and January. They won’t tell you when so you have to call during those months. It is 50% off the 50% off.

TJ Maxx and Ross are AWESOME for home décor items too. 


eBay – for great deals go to “advanced search” check mark “time ending soonest” enter in name brand and catch something that is about to end in a bid for a steal.

Always Google for a promo code when you shop online. Example- I was buying at shoes.com and saw they had a space for a promo code – I Googled promo code for shoes.com and saved 20% off my entire order.

For those with kids (or grandkids!) sign up for Gymboree.com – if you wait for the good sales you can save 60 – 75% off and sometimes even get free shipping on top of that. Just keep your eyes out! Up to three gift boxes are given to you free – they are so cute – just be sure and mark that you want them.

$10.00 (with shipping) dress off eBay.  $6.00 flower headband from Ross

  a k sitting

I hope I’ve given you some new ideas to save you a few bucks! 

Enjoy! ~Creative Juices Decor~


  1. What a great post. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. This was so well organized! The information is great and I of course LOVE the pic of K with that incredible headband. I need to go to Ross and find one for Liz...

  3. I'd add that Target can be even better if you are able to use coupons. I got several pairs of FREE jeans from Target last year using Target store coupons from their website and the ones they send to my phone!!


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