Thrift Store Treasures Desk Chair Re-Do Upholstry

This last trip to the thrift store I spotted this cute little chair.  I had been looking for a very slim, non bulky chair to fit in the new computer spot off the kitchen in my new house.  This was exactly what I was looking for and at 5 bucks I couldn’t go wrong.

chair 002

Of course I didn’t like the upholstery fabric, and my "cushioned" backside  is not cushioned enough to enjoy how HARD the chair was.  Luckily for me (and my thrift store obsession) I had a piece of foam in my garage that I picked up super cheap on a different trip. 

chair 004

I just traced it and cut it at an angle.

I happen to look at the underside and saw the writing AH Stiehl Furniture NY – since the tag looked super old I Googled the brand and found out that most likely the chairs is from 1930-40 during the depression era.   I don’t know if it is really worth a lot or anything but it’s always fun to have some history with a piece of furniture!

Here she is!!!!  Isn’t she lovely and padded!

chair 010

I have a secret to tell you though (this is for those who might think I am an amazing DIYer)  For the LIFE of me I could not get the fabric to pull taunt.  I did not have ANY of these problems with the  dining room set I did.  In fact, I am so proud of those chairs because they look just as good as a professional upholsterer!  Unfortunately, this fabric was just weird, or maybe it was my super high additional cushioning, but whatever I did the front just puckered. 

(see what I mean?  I’m not sure how to fix it!)

* UPDATE - I realized later that if I had put some batting around the foam before I put the fabric on, this may have really helped with the puckering.  Batting looks like a light fruffy sheet of cotton.  :-)  I'm learnng right along with you guys!!!

chair 009

Anyway, just wanted to show you the REAL side of my DIY life Smile  I’m still happy with the chair and I’m not going to worry about the non-professional puckering!!!

Once again, in all it’s glory Winking smile  I just love the feminine lines, what do you guys think? 
$5.00 Chair
$3.00 Fabric
$2.50 Foam
$10.50 NEW CHAIR!!! 

chair 008

Can’t wait for you guys to see where I put it in my new house!!!

If you enjoyed seeing that chair, I just did another simple chair reupholster job below!!

blue chair blog

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  1. You did an awesome job. That's a lovely chair and I heart the extra padding. Maybe it's the photo, but I couldn't see any puckers. Besides, you'll be sitting on them, so don't sweat it! ;-)

  2. I love this!You have some fantatsic projects on your blog, I'd love for you to link some of them up to my blog link party this weekend, Hope you can make it and thank you!


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