Do It Yourself–Gorgeous Poster Art Work

As promised, here is the post dedicated just to the artwork from the room below:

Jimerson After_edited

It cost Kaylene around $140.00 but it made such a statement and was over 5’ long!

Here is how she did it.

1. Figure out how large you want the piece to be

2. Go search on or a similar poster site for extra large pics - of whatever you want (this is where most the cost comes in)

3. Once you have the large piece, tape it to a flat surface, like the kitchen floor. The piece will be a mosaic, so you have to consider, when trimming down, that whatever is under the frame surround will be slightly altered when moved to the next frame - faces: HARD, landscape, EASY, anything with lots of movement: REALLY EASY.

4. Purchase a series of frames (dollar store, Ikea, Walmart) that represent your style and arrange only the outside frame part on the picture. (take them entirely apart)

5. Once the pattern you want is on the large poster, carefully place a "tick" mark on the corners of each frame. Remove frames and draw lines and cut.

6. Organize the picture in the frames and put together the frames with glass, etc.

7. Hot glue together (or, whatever adhesive works for the product of frame chosen) and allow to dry. Test the strength of the piece by holding it on one end. If the adhesive does not work, try something else

8. Install using guidelines for hanging large art.


There you have it!  Thank you Kaylene for showing us this! If you want to see the FULL before and after post on how she turned this room from blah to wow just click the link.

Now friends, let your imagination run wild. Do you think you’ll do something like this in your house?  I know I want to!


  1. This is beautiful! I think I will do something similar.
    But, to keep the costs down, I'll take my own photo to Kinkos to blow up to poster size.

  2. VERY creative. I definitely zeroed in on that picture in the previous post about the room and have been looking forward to hearing more about it. Kaylene is crazy talented!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I found this awesome site ( you can use (for free) to turn any pic into a huge poster (u pick ur own size). It prints in sections on your home printer. I haven't done it yet but I did play around & found it was SUPER easy to upload the pic you want. You should check it out!!

  4. I love this and want to find the print. Any idea what it's called? I tried randomly searching for iron gates & wrought iron on and (which has awesome pricing for posters)Any help would be SO great!

    1. Hi Christine! I am forwarding this message to my friend Kaylene who did the project. If she knows I should hear from her today or tomorrow - thanks! So glad you liked it.

    2. Kaylene replied: I generally use

      If that doesn't work, it's called View of the Old City & Castle Austria by Walter Bibikow

    3. Thank You So much! I found it on and it's available in about 5 sizes the largest being 64" x 48" which is the size I will try it runs $79.20 (w/ 20% off) Now I'm off to find inexpensive 12" x 12" frames:)


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