Kaylene Campbell Returns–Before and After Pictures

Remember the crazy painting post I did of my friends work?  Well now we get to check out her amazing skills at turning a blah room into something great.

OK, we’ve all had this room one time in our lives…..the room where we just move in or we are newly married and don't have money for anything.  It usually stays that way for a while because we think, “shoot, what would we do with it anyway”?



This particular couple was away celebrating their 10-year anniversary in Hawaii. The husband surprised his wife by hiring Kaylene (while they were away) and getting to come home to this room!

How about coming home to a room looking like THIS!

Jimerson After_edited

She made a simple headboard, put some art together, hung glass candle balls,added hand sewn fabric pillows and used the same fabric to make the ottoman at the end of the bed!  Yep, my friend just whipped up that ottoman herself.


Here is an up-close of the art, in a post or two, I’ll give you details on how to do this canvas art yourself.  (it’s just this post is really getting LONG!)


This next picture is a beach house she did where the client wanted her to keep the 20+ year sofa, so she just re-arranged the furniture and warmed up the space with accessories and paint, etc.


Upstairs 02 After

This next house all she did was totally reworked their OWN furnishings and accessories that she collected from around their house.  She then added paint, curtains and pillows.


Wallace front room before

Wallace after

Do you guys see what I mean by CRAZY TALENTED????

I hope you enjoyed looking at all her amazing work!  I hope she keeps sending me pictures so I can keep showing you guys her stuff…..I always get so inspired seeing what you can do, even when you hardly have any money to spend.

Check out her website RoomReCreations, if you are in the Portland area you can hire her for your home!


  1. Awesome pics. Can't wait to hear how she did the pic.

  2. Ha..that didn't make sense. Meant to say..Awesome rooms. Can't wait to hear how she did the pic.


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