Make your own Topiary Balls the DIY way!

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I found these strange iron balls at a thrift store for $1.00 a piece.  When I took them up to the registrar I asked what they were and she said they were some sort of sweater loom so I am guessing you could probably buy them at a quilt shop or something.

green balls 001

After I looked at them for a while (wondering what I could do with them!) I thought turning them into topiary balls might look really cool.  I bought a pack of those punch balloons at the dollar store and some moss at Michael’s craft store for $9.00 (used 40% off coupon) and went home and started to work.


First put the balloon IN the iron and blow them up almost to full capacity (leave a little room for moss).  Tape down the ends that stick out.

green balls 002
Next tear up some newspaper and make a solution of 70% glue 20% water and 10% flour.  (this does not have to be exact!)  Dip in the strips of newspaper and layer them on the balloon. 

green balls 003
Let them dry COMPLETELY. This should feel hard when it dries, if it doesn’t, re-apply more of the solution.

Next you just cut up the moss and hot glue them onto the ball.

Easy as that!

Total Cost for 2 balls = $12.00   The flower pot urn was $2.00 at a thrift store!!!

Unfortunately, we’re into the rainy season so I can’t leave the pots outside but they look good inside too.

I hope I was able to get your “Creative Juices” flowing! 



  1. So creative and I love the old world feel! I will definitely have to try this project for my little patio! Thanks for Sharing!

  2. What a great idea! You have such a talent for thinking up new ideas!
    My 'creative juices' are flowing...I have a lot of ideas...just haven't had the time lately.

  3. thanks for the tutorial, but this could be done the same way without the metal don't you think?

  4. Reply@Terry:

    Yes! You can totally do it without the iron piece. Have fun :-)

  5. I LOVE them!! So creative!! :) I've been playing around w/ wire so I might try to make these w/ homemade spheres. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. Actually, I have made about 20 of these for decorations at our house as well as for our wedding. I used styrofoam balls, sheet moss and brown thread. Hold a piece of the moss on the ball and start wrapping the thread around. Keep adding moss as you find you don't have to hold the previous piece. Tie off the string at the end and voila--done.

  7. Hi Selina: My first time to your blog, and I love this project! Love that it's easy enough for even me to make it! The urns are just right for showing the topiaries off to perfection--lovely.


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