My Talented Friends – Painting Ideas - Harlequin and Stripes

I am lucky enough to have a few friends that are CRAZY TALENTED  interior designers, as in just plain RAW, natural talent.  Today I get to showcase my friend Kaylene Campbell from Portland Oregon. 

Some day I know she’ll be working with movie stars but for now, she gets to hang out with us normal people and show us a thing or two.  ;-)

Along with knowing how to turn a room from blah to spectacular (even using clients own furniture and accessories) she can whip up a fun painted room. 

Today, I’ll showcase her crazy painting skills………

Harlequin room:

Harlequin 3

Want to know how she does it??

Click on over to her website RoomReCreations and get the full rundown!

Harlequin before plan

Can you guys see those small little brads put on each point?  It turns this room into a masterpiece. Would you guys ever have thought of doing that?  It’s so beautiful!

harlequin after 01

This next little girls room is TO DIE FOR!  She told me that she will come up and help me with any painting in my new house……(ya, she’s THAT kind of awesome friend) I may just take her up on the offer and have her paint this in my youngest daughter’s room.

The PINK circus room……

Circus 5
Circus 4

Just for fun – here are some of her other painting photos:

Faux Marble Wall:

Marble other

Fun colored stripes – she’s my friend that showed me how to do the PERFECT straight line when you paint stripes or have two colors hitting each other. (no bleeding colors at all)  Click here on a website to get the rundown on how to do that.

Striping 3

In a few weeks I’m going to show you some interior home “before and after” pictures she did where she turns clients homes from pretty much ugly to magazine worthy, mostly working with WHAT THEY ALREADY HAD!

Stay tuned!  ~ CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. Kaylene is awesome! She did horizontal stripes for me, using flat and glaze but with same colors and it's amazing. She is also a lovely person! And older than me too. Muwhaahahaha;)

  2. those paint effects look amazing, very professional


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